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Keeping the Areas Your Cat Lives in Clean

By Tina Mullineaux | General Care & Husbandry

Of course, just keeping the litter trays and the food bowls clean are not enough! The areas that your cats live, the bedding that your cat sleeps in and the surfaces they walk on need to be kept clean. This is not only beneficial to the cats but also to their human companions and help to keep any odors at bay!

On top of the usual household clean, any surfaces that the cats walk on need to be disinfected. Unlike most other pets, cats and jump onto almost any surface in the house. They might be using their litter tray one moment and then exploring your kitchen worktop the next, walking whatever they picked up on their little paws all over your food preparation area.

I like to use a really smelly household disinfectant, the kind you can easily get at the supermarket. Choose one that kills 99.9% and that says that it is safe to use on pet areas. Follow the manufacturers instructions for diluting safely wash down all your hard surfaces ensuring that you allow the surfaces to dry before you allow your cats to walk on them. Use very hot water, as hot as you can bear (wear rubber gloves) and a clean cloth to wash everything down. Keep all your cats out of the room until the surfaces are completely dry, otherwise your cats may ingest the disinfectant when they clean it off their paws. Never use a disinfectant that smells of any citrus fruit as this is a highly offensive smell to your cats.

Hard floors, such as tiles, wood and laminate, are the easiest to keep clean. They just require a sweep or a vacuum and then they can be mopped with bleach.

Keeping your Cat Carrier clean

It is also important to clean cat carriers thoroughly, particularly if they have been used for a trip to the vets or to a cat show. Plastic carriers are the easiest to clean and disinfect.

Cat CarrierKeeping Your Cat Carrier Clean

They come apart easily so each section can be washed down quickly. I like to use the same disinfectant that I would use to clean the surfaces as it will kill any bugs. Wash each section and allow it to dry naturally. The bedding will also need washing after each use. I keep a drawer full of fresh bedding ready to use when ever it is needed.

Bedding can be washed either when it has been used at a cat show or the vets or when it becomes soiled or dirty. I like to wash all the cat bedding every few weeks even if it looks clean. The best way to clean bedding is to put it on a boil wash in the washing machines. Use a biological washing powder but bear in mind that some cats will not like the strong smells of freshly washed bedding and may even object to you taking away their smell! Allow the bedding to dry naturally and store any you will not be using immediately in a drawer or cupboard so that you know that it is clean and ready for use when you next need it.

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