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A Show Managers Plea

By Ross | Cat Shows

A wonderful article by cat show manager, Mrs Joan Pounds which gives an incite into what goes on behind the scenes of a cat show. Joan is an active member of the cat fancy and in addition to being a show manager is also a newly qualified judge, a seasoned exhibitor and a successful breeder […]

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Socialising Kittens – The Sooner the Better

By Ross | Cat Breeding

Socialing kittens while they are young is very important. Read this wonderful article from a breeders point of view  on the benefits of early socialisation. The Importance of Socialising Kittens Early Finding helpful and reliable information about kitten socialisation proved more difficult than I envisaged. Checking on the internet bought up some really bad information. […]

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How to Treat Cats With Fleas at Home

By Ross | Health

How to treat cats with fleas at home is something that every responsible cat owner will ask at some point. This article explains just how to do this and starts by explaining a little about fleas, their life cycle and how this helps with treating your cat for fleas. Your Guide to Effective Flea Treatment […]

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Introducing Cats and Dogs

By Ross | Behaviour & Training

Introducing cats and dogs is something many pet owners often worry about when welcoming a new pet to the family. Below are a sensible tips that should make welcoming a new pet as stress free for all concerned as possible. Over the years we have been lucky enough to own not only two of the […]

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Feline Genetic Diseases and DNA testing

By Ross | Health

An overview of some feline genetic diseases and DNA testing associated with Siamese cats. Cats are amongst the most popular house hold pets, especially in Europe and Northern America. In the USA, 30.4% of households own a cat and in the UK the figure stands at around 19%. An article by Jennifer Viegas, one of […]

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Adopting a Cat

By Ross | Owners Advice

If you are thinking of adopting a cat to join your family then there are some considerations that you should be aware of. Things to Consider Before Adopting a Cat For lots of people, cats make great pets and companions, as well as being joyful and entertaining to have around the house.  But, like any […]

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Tooth Decay in Cats

By Sheila Calloway | Health

Teeth decay in cats is the fourth in a series of articles specially researched and written for Siamese Cat Breeder relating to dental care and oral hygiene for cats by Sheila Calloway RVN Sheila is a qualified veterinary nurse and has over 30 years experience working with and keeping pets. Many of you will have […]

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