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Chocolate Point Siamese Cats

Chocolate point Siamese cats introduced by GCCF Siamese Judge, Mrs J Starr.

Chocolate Point Siamese Cats

Mrs J Starr

The  Chocolate point  Siamese  cats are  one  of  the  oldest  of  the  recognised  colours  within  the  breed and are  very  popular  as  a  pet.

The  first  Chocolate points  were  thought  by  breeders  to  be  just  poor  Seal points  and  the Chocolate point   was  not  recognised  as   a  separate  colour  until  the  1950s.

A  good Chocolate point  is  a  creature  of  great  beauty, with  a  coat  of  warm  ivory  and  points  of  milk  chocolate. The  points  colour  is  often  patchy  &  the  colour  has  many  variations,  some Chocolates  are  almost  as  dark  as  Seal points but  ideally  this  is  a  totally  different  colour.

Although  some  cats  show  shading  on  their  bodies  when  they  are  quite  young, many  Chocolate points   keep  their  beautiful  pale  coats  all of  their  life.

Basic Chocolate Point Siamese Description

Chocolate Point Siamese Cats

Gr Ch Shermese Elnino

Chocolate point Siamese cats are one of the better known colours of Siamese cat. We have included different chocolate point Siamese pictures on this page. They include different shades of chocolate as not all chocolate points have exactly the same colour. Chocolates are occasionally mixed up with Seal points by non cat breeders. At first glance they are similar but the colour on their points is lighter and they tend not to be as shaded as seal points.

Chocolate point Siamese cats have a milk chocolate coloured face, tail and legs. Their bodies are an off white colour and occasionally display some light shading on the flanks and back. Like all Siamese cats they have blue eyes. The coat texture of a chocolate point is very soft.

G.C.C.F Old Breed No – 24b  

New EMS Code – SIA b

Chocolate Point Siamese Cats GCCF Standard of Points

Eyes – Clear, bright, vivid blue.

Points – Milk chocolate; the mask, ears and tail to be the same colour. The ears should not be darker than the mask. Legs paler than the other points should not be too heavily penalised.

Body – Ivory all over. Shading, if any, to tone with the points.

Nose Leather and Paw Pads – Chocolate or pinkish chocolate.

Withhold Certificates or First Prizes in Kitten Open Classes for:

  1. Cold, dark points colour.
  2. Pale patchy points colour in kittens should not be penalised.
  3. Heavily shaded body
  4. General Siamese withholding faults.

Pictures of Chocolate Point Siamese Cats

If you have any photos of lilac point Siamese cats or kitten then we would love to include them on the Siamese Cat Breeder website. Please submit them using the form at the bottom of this page.

Chocolate Point Siamese Kitten Pictures

Below is a selection of chocolate point Siamese kitten pictures from one week old up to six months old. You will notice that like all Siamese kittens when born chocolate points are all white with the colour gradually developing on the points of the kitten. The point being the ears, face, tail and legs. Many thanks to Tina of Mullsi Siamese for sending in the photos of her lovely kitten.

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