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Lilac Point Siamese Cats

The Lilac point Siamese cats breed profile was contributed written by Di Brown of Firousi Siamese, Di Brown is a GCCF Siamese cat judge.

Lilac Point Siamese Cats

Di Brown

Lilac Point Siamese were first recognised in the 1960s, until then they had been thought to be  poor blue points. They are the  result of adding the blue (dilute) gene to chocolate and so are “diluted” chocolate points, they can exhibit  various shades from dark to pale, but they must not have a blue or brownish overtone.

Lilac Point Siamese should have frosty grey colour with a slightly pinkish overtone, on their face, ears, tail and legs, and their body colour should be a warm-toned magnolia. This breed colour  tends to have the clearest coat of all the colours of Siamese with little or no darker shading to the body. The texture can be somewhat softer than the other colours but it should be short and lie close to the body. The eye colour should be a brilliant sapphire blue, which set against the rest of the cat gives an almost ethereal appearance. The temperament tends to be the sweetest and gentlest of all the Siamese.

Basic Lilac Point Siamese Description

Lilac point Siamese cats are one of the more popular colours of Siamese. We have various lilac point Siamese pictures on this page including old style and the more modern style Siamese. You will also be able to see the slightly different shades of lilac on the different cats. Lilac points are one of the lightest most subtle colours of Siamese cat. Very often you will find even experienced Siamese breeders confuse the darker lilac point Siamese cats with the caramels points. The differences being very subtle.

G.C.C.F Old Breed No – 24c  

New EMS Code – SIA c

Lilac Point Siamese Cats GCCF Standard of Points

Lilac Point Siamese Cats

Ch Gingerbread Mann

Eyes – Clear vivid blue, the deeper the better.

Points – Pinkish grey. Blue, chocolate or fawn toned is incorrect.

Body – Magnolia. A cold white coat is incorrect. Shading, if any, to tone with the points.

Nose Leather and Paw Pads – Pinkish grey.

Tail – Of a matching tone with the other points. Some rings may be evident, while this is undesirable it should not be considered a withholding fault.

Withhold Certificates or First Prizes in Kitten Open Classes for:

  1. Pale and/or dull eye colour
  2. Cold white body colour
  3. Lack of pinkish tone to the points or predominance of blue, chocolate or fawn in the points colour
  4. Unmatching points colour
  5. Heavy shading on the body
  6. General Siamese withholding faults.

Pictures of Lilac Point Siamese Cats

If you have any photos of lilac point Siamese cats or kitten then we would love to include them on the Siamese Cat Breeder website. Please submit them using the form at the bottom of this page.

Lilac Point Siamese Kitten Pictures

Siamese Cat Breeder are very interested in adding pictures of lilac point Siamese kittens at the various stages of early development. We believe this will help novice breeders identify the colour of their kittens easily. If you can help we would love to hear from you.

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