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Chocolate and Lilac Show Photos 20/08/2011

Photos from the Chocolate and Lilac Point Shows were taken by Carol Bowles-Gowdy of Mafdet Siamese. Many thanks Carol.

Photographs can be downloaded free of charge for your use, all we ask in return is if you publish them on your own website you credit the photographer and add a link back to Siamese Cat Breeder.

Siamese Cat Breeder are always on the look out for cat show exhibitors who are budding photographers - can you help Siamese Cat Breeder by volunteering as a show reporter or photographer?? Please contact our webmaster if you can help.

Paparazzi's Pick

Imp Gr Pr Kamik Firecracka

Please click on the photos below to view the gallery in full size.

Mafdet Manjula

Laziza Mafdet-Murano

Jomese Just Delicious

Labash Holly Bang Tidy

Shermese Collection

Ch Tintally Just The Ticket

Myfina Cassiopa Opera

Johpas Rita Skeeter

Laziza Mafdet-Murano

Ch Flutterby Rock Steady Eddy

Kaypez Starry Eyed

Johpas Jessy Jay

Mariols True Colours

Di Brown with Imp Gr Pr Kamik Firecracka

Gr Pr Atario Fiori

Flutterby The Alchemist

Laziza Teppanyaki

Imp Gr Ch & Gr Pr Firousi Freedspirt

Imp Gr Pr Shermese Fabulous Faberge

Mafdet Manjula

Imp Gr Pr Shermese Fabulous Faberge

Laziza Mafdet-Murano


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