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Tina is Siamese and Oriental cat breeder and regular contributor to Siamese Cat Breeder. Breeding and showing her cats and kittens under the prefix Mullsi, Tina can often be found at Cat Shows.

Cats and Fireworks

By Tina Mullineaux | Owners Advice

How Cat and Pet Owners Can Deal With Fireworks Cats and fireworks are never a good mix and you can be sure of one thing, no matter how much the rest of the population like fireworks and bonfire night no cat, dog or pet owner shares this sentiment. Every year cats and dogs up and […]

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Cat Nutrition

By Tina Mullineaux | Nutrition

Feeding your cat a healthy diet. There is a wide range of options when it comes to feeding your cats. Diet is very important in keeping your cats healthy and in tip top condition. As a breeder of Siamese and oriental cats I take this subject very seriously, as healthy, happy cats are far more […]

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Cat Food Bowls

By Tina Mullineaux | General Care & Husbandry

Choosing and cleaning your cats food bowls. It might seem an unusual subject to be discussing, but your cat’s food bowl can make him ill if it is not cleaned properly or often enough! Dirty dishes attract flies; flies can carry bacteria and parasites and these can make your cat ill. Even if you know […]

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