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Breeders Handbook

​If you are a Siamese breeder or are thinking of becoming a cat breeder then you will love the articles found in this section.

There are some excellent articles for both new and existing breeders. You can find help on a variety of topics such as colour genetics, advice on stud cats, making pedigrees and all sorts of articles and advice on breeding kittens.

Here are some of the more recent articles.​

Photograph Your Cat Like a Paparazzi Pro
Have you ever struggled to take a decent photo of your cat? Ever wondered how some people get the perfect[...]
15 Mistakes Newbie Cat Breeders Must Avoid
So you’ve taken the plunge and decided to start breeding cats. I bet you're excited and a little bit scared[...]
10 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Becoming a Cat Breeder
So you have decided to become a cat breeder.You love cats. Especially kittens.How wonderful it would be to have the[...]
Guide to GCCF Siamese & Balinese Breed Numbers
It can be quite confusing to translate the old GCCF breed numbers to the new EMS codes. Thankfully when entering[...]
Siamese Colour Chart
Breed Number / Siamese Colour Chart Our handy Siamese breed number / Siamese colour chart is a fantastic aid to[...]
Tube Feeding Kittens
At some point nearly every breeder will have to face hand feeding or tube feeding kittens. Sometimes disastr strikes and[...]
Socialising Kittens – The Sooner the Better
Socialing kittens while they are young is very important. Read this wonderful article from a breeders point of view  on[...]
Keeping a Stud Cat Happy
Fantastic article about keeping a stud cat happy. Lots of sound advice and hints and tips on keeping your stud[...]
Breeding From Your Cat – Going Out To Stud
If you are considering breeding from your cat then you will need to know what is involved when going out[...]

New Siamese cat breeding articles are added regularly. The vast majority of the articles are equally relevant today as when they were originally published. You can access our archives by clicking the button below.

Additionally there a few articles and resources below that you may need to access on a regular basis.

Siamese Cat Genetics
Basic Genetics of Balinese and Siamese Cats Siamese cat genetics is an article written by Rosie Meekings. Siamese Cat Breeder[...]
Siamese Cat Breed Profile
The Siamese breed profile covers general breed description and then dives a little deeper into each of the individual colours[...]
Siamese Pedigree Database
The Siamese pedigree database is free of charge to anyone interested in tracing pedigrees of Siamese and Oriental cats. The[...]

If you are already a Siamese cat breeder or maybe you are thinking of becoming one then this resource should be extremely helpful to you.

If there are areas you need help with as a cat breeder that are not already covered then please get in touch and I will do my best to help.