Dr B Bennett Lincolnshire Critiques 2015

Dr B Bennett Lincolnshire Critiques 2015

By Ross | Judges Critiques

Dr B Bennett Lincolnshire Critiques 2015Beryl and Penny are to be congratulated on another splendidly busy and vivacious Show at the spacious venue of the Newark Showground; my thanks to both for their invitation and hospitality. Neil Porter came to steward and has my gratitude and thanks for his expert help and good company. We saw some very splendid exhibits in a busy day.



GR CC to KEOGHAN’S CH ALDERSTAR HARAJUKU GIRL. F. (OSH hs v) 1 yr 5 mth. Chocolate Tortie Smoke Oriental. Most attractive lady with a lovely balanced triangular head, large ears set in line, eyes of very good oriental shape and incline, limey green shade. Profile virtually straight, muzzle has depth to it chin firm and curving, incisors meet. Mature, lithe body, limbs and tail proportionate. Coat well smoked though understory a little dull in tone here and there, chocolate broken by red tones some showing good richness, hint of barring in some of these on the limbs. 2. RES GR CC Withheld. MASTERS’ CH ENIGMATIC PANDORA’S BOX. F. (OSH h) 11 mths.   A much younger lady of terrific type whom I admired a great deal. All my notes start with ‘excellent’ on head, ears eyes, profile, bite body, limbs, tail and reds in the breaks. However, in this Hall’s pitilessly clear (and excellent) light I could not convince myself that the fan of hairs in the bikini line below the umbilicus was anything other than white. The root of the fan has the faintest hint of cream but the fan itself is white, so though I would otherwise have wished to award, I couldn’t. Also considered  LLOYD’S CH SEIDO SKYFALL. F. (OSH n) 2 yr 4 mth.  Sweet black lady, very dainty and looking much younger than her years. Shorter wedge, ears placed well apart, wicked green eyes of oriental shape and incline. Gently arching profile, firm squared chin, peggety incisors approximated  reasonably. Lithe body, limbs,paws and tail to match. Excellent texture to her close fitting sleek, unsullied black coat. BAUERFEIND’S CH MICHANT MUSTAPHA. F. (SIA w 67) 11 mths 2 wk. Another very youthful girl who has a straight sided, very slightly narrow-at-the-top (i.e. isosceles) wedge, ears of balancing size set in alignment with it, inclined oriental eyes with depth of blue, very straight profile, chin curving away a little, incisors meeting. Dainty firm body, limbs proportionate, tail could be just a little longer ideally. Marginally long, very clear white coat.


BoB. BROCK’S UK & I GR CH KEVALS TWICE AS NICE. M. (SIA b) 5 yr 3 mth. Good to see this quality fellow after all these years still looking splendid. Lengthy even head, large ears set well, oriental eyes of good blue, straight profile, excellent deep masculine muzzle, firm chin and level bite. Large length firm body with matching limbs and tail. Super milk chocolate points, so rare, with excellent pale ivory, virtually unshaded body for eye-popping contrast.


1 BoB. VEAL & SMITH’S LAOKIND THE WOLVERINE. M. (SIA b) 6 mth 1 wk. Another excellent chocolate boy, very well grown with length everywhere. Long even wedge, on which are set ears of very good size, flaring widely, lovely oriental shape to his eyes that have depth to their blue. Smooth profile, chin slides back just a bit, bite meets. Lengthy adolescent, but almost adult, body firmly muscled, long gangly limbs and tail that goes on and on. Coat slightly long, but sits close and smooth, points a darker chocolate than the adult’s, pale ivory body showing dramatic contrast. Later best Siamese kitten, well done.

CHOCOLATE POINT NEUTER.  BoB. GRAY & JOHNSON’S GR CH & PR TSAICHIN GORGEOUS GEORGE. MN. (SIA b) 2 yr 0 mth My goodness! Yet another wonderful Chocolate Point! A day to remember. Slightly ‘gerny’ (Scottish for grumbly) lad of excellent size. Strong, triangular head, tiny indents neneath the cheek bones, large ears flaring in flattering alignment, eyes of excellent oriental shape and incline, good shade of blue.  Profile shows a tiny dent at the bridge, muzzle has appealing strength and depth, chin lines up, bite meets. Long powerful body, limbs and tail in keeping. Another set of very good soft milk chocolate points with warmth, very good clear ivory body for lovely contrast.  Three wonderful exhibits; what a treat.


1. LLOYD’S SEIDO SEAMAIDEN. F. (OSH a) 1 yr 2 mth. Very attractive chatty little lady of good head type with appealing green eyes, well set ears in line, straight profile, slightly shallow chin and level bite. Dainty body with a lovely texture to her smooth, sound blue coat.


1. UK & OS I GR CH. KARAMUSHI TUTI FRUITY. F. (SIA f) 7 yr 11 mth. Wonderful, wonderful Seal Tortie. I have said it all about this superb lady, so consider it all said again. Congratulations on the Olympians, the Best in Show and the Overall Best in the Two Shows Awards.


1. HOCKEN’S HYDYNISY COCO CHANEL. F. (SIA f) 11 mth. Attractive young Seal Tortie girl with big blue eyes, tendency to squint in the left one so I averted my eyes and it was intermittant. Good type, sturdy body, points broken by various reds.


1. VEAL & SMITH’S LAOKIND GAMBITS FIRE. M. (SIA em) 6 mth 1 wk. Apricot Point kitten of very good type and very pretty apricot points.




1. Imp CC Withheld. HIRST’S GR CH TOGHAR YANKEE DOODLE DANDY. M. (OSH b) 1 yr 2 mth. This promising young man has most appealing overall type and attractive warmth to his chestnut colour. However, as I indicated in my detailed report of a few weeks ago, he is very young, and relatively petite for his age; for me, he does not yet have the substance and presence for this exalted award. With time he will doubtless acquire it and get there.


 IMP GGR CC to ENTWISTLE’S GR CH LAWAN KANIKA. F. (OSH h) 2 yr 3 mth. A most attractive and mature Chocolate Tortie lady. Balanced wedge head with ears of size set in line, almond shaped inclined eyes of good green shade. Profile a smooth convex arch, muzzle has depth, chin slopes a little, incisors just meeting. Body firm and well developed, limbs and tail balancing. Coat has pleasing texture, milky chocolate well broken by bright reds.


1 BoB. BROWNRIGG’S HEMLOCK HUDSON MOHAWK. M. (OSH n 24) 5 mth. Well grown youth of dramatic type and pattern. Lengthy triangular head, straight sided, graced by large ears showing flare in good alignment; oriental inclined eyes, colour grey/green at present. Strong, just convex profile, with muzzle showing strength and depth, aligned chin, level bite. Excellent lengthy, tubular body, balancing slender limbs and tail. Pattern shows well defined spotting, best on the right, a little linkage on the left, shoulder pattern still a little muddled, broken spine lines, dramatic tiger banding on the limbs, a prominent necklace just broken on the left, good contrast.


BoB. EDWARDS’ GR PR HEMLOCK ALFREDO FERRARI. MN. (OSH b 24). 1 yr 6 mth. Very handsome chocolate oriental spotted gentleman. Good triangular wedge with large ears set in line to enhance it. Eyes of oriental shape and set, clear light green. Long, powerful body with lengthy limbs and tail to balance it. Very lovely coat of excellent texture, good chocolate shade, facial tracings, broken triple spine lines, some shoulder patterning evident, spotting, bracelets, tail rings, a little invasion, nice contrast.


1. BoB. MUSSON’S WHALLEYBUSH ABRACADABRA. M. (SIA n) 8 mth 3 wk. Well grown young man of very striking type. Straight sided triangular head, ears large and set very wide and low, tendency to bonnet a little; good blue to his oriental eyes, squinting but intermittently. Strong, slightly arched profile, well aligned chin, level bite. Long, long body, matching limbs, tail manfully trying to catch up. Coat a little coarse textured, body showing lovely contrast to the seal points.


1. BROWNRIGG’S HEMLOCK HUDSON MOHAWK. MN. (OSH n 24) 5 mth See Above. 2. HELM’S VELVETENA TZARINA LILIBET. F. (0SH n 25) 6 mth 1 wk Ticked Oriental SH. Very promising young lady, very dainty and fine. Balanced wedge, ears sizeable and flared out in line, oriental eyes with colour developing. Very good smooth profile arch, chin lines up and has fair depth, bite level. Dainty, lithe body, limbs and tail in keeping. Svelte coat with excellent ticking, so evenly distributed that there is no suggestion of a spine line.


1. EDWARDS’ HEMLOCK SLINKY MALINKI. M. (OSH b 03 24) 4 mth 3 wk. Boy of super type. Lovely triangular head, oriental shape and incline to his eyes, muddy shade at present. Ears well flared and of good size. Straight profile, chin aligned and of depth, level bite. Body slender and graceful, limbs and tail matching. Coat close and sleek, wonderful chocolate spotting but not, I think, quite enough white.


1. WEBSTER’S IGC & IGP FIORDILISO NANPEMA-NUAGE. FN. (OSH n 03 33) 3 yr 4 mth. Very elegant lady, lovely triangular head with flaring ears and inclined oriental blue eyes. Straight profile, level chin and bite. Body still a little generous at the waistline. Sleek coat, gleaming black areas, minor feathering, sufficient white.


1. MUSSON’S WHALLEYBUSH ABRACADABRA. M. (SIA n) 8 mth 3 wk. See above. 2. COLBECK’S SENSUAL MR VALENTINE. M. (SIA c) 8 mth. Very pleasing, well grown fellow. Head even sided, would prefer just a little more breadth at the top between ears of good size, well aligned to the wedge’s lines. Eyes of oriental shape and incline, clear blue. Good straight profile, chin curves away gently, bite meets. Body large and strong, limbs and tail in proportion. Coat shows very pleasing, completely unshaded magnolia body giving excellent contrast to the well matched soft, mid lilac points.


1. GRAY & JOHNSOSN’S GR CH & PR TSAICHIN GORGEOUS GEORGE. MN. (SIA b) 2 yr 0 mth. See Lincs Report.


1. BROCK’S UK & OSIMPGRCH KARAMUSHI TUTI FRUITY. F. (SIA f) 7 yr 11 mth. See Lincs Report. 2. COLBECK’S SUNSUAL MR VALENTINE. M. (SIA c) 8 mth. See Above.


1. KEOGHAN’S ALDERSTAR BABYBEL. F. (SIA r) 8 mth 4 wk. Fawn Tortie Point girl of good overall type. Points are a rather bluish fawn shade and breaks rather warm, excellent pale body contrast.


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