Dr B Bennett Midshires Critiques 2015

Dr B Bennett Midshires Critiques 2015

By Ross | Judges Critiques

Dr B Bennett Midshires Critiques 2015Admirably managed by Joan Pounds, calm and unflappable as always, this really busy triple Show was very well attended indeed; the Hall was full!! My thanks to Joan and her three liutenants Paula, Jenny and Sylvia for the invitation, their hospitality and kind gifts. Lunch was once again excellent; compliments to the presiding chefs. Richard Lord came to steward and was as usual a great companion as well as being a tireless and efficient colleague throughout a busy day right up to and including Best of Variety at its end. This report has had to be produced at speed for a number of reasons so if there are inaccuracies please forgive.



OLY CERT to MARTIN’S I GR PR ABICASA THE ARTFUL DODGER. MN. (SIA c) .  3 yr 6 mth.  Large, imposing boy of good type and a most disarming temperament. Super broad top between large ears showing becoming flare, almond shaped, oriental eyes with depth of blue. Profile almost straight just the hint of a very gentle undulation to it.  Muzzle has depth, chin lines up, irregular incisors meet. Splendid, powerful strong body with balancing length of limbs and tail.  Matching mid lilac points contrast well with the pale magnolia of the smooth textured  body coat that has a little shading on the rear of the flanks. RES OLY CERT to RIGBY’S I GR PR SUMADORE REDDY TEDDY GO. MN. (SIA d) 3 yr 1 mth. Another very handsome fellow, with a very good balanced wedge on which large ears are set in very good alignment, lovely oriental shape and set to his eyes of deep blue. Proud profile just angled at the bridge, straight planes above and below, firm chin, central lower incisors straining at the leash to advance. Lengthy lithe body with matching limbs and tail. Good texture to his coat, which shows soft muted red points, warm white body showing shading in similar tones but plenty of contrast.


OLY CERT to REED’S GR CH & I GR PR. JOHPAS JESSIE JAY. FN. (SIA em). 4 yr 3 mth. Apricot Point. Handsome as ever and with a great show temperament. Mature girl of substance and quality with a lengthy, even wedge head, crowned by large ears, becomingly flared and aligned, very beautiful oriental shape and incline to her eyes that show depth of blue. Proud, smoothly arching profile over a muzzle of excellent strength and depth, chin curves a little, bite level. Powerful, lengthy body with proportionate slender limbs and tail. Coat slightly long, texture good, sophisticated apricot points with excellent warm white body, an outfit straight from Vogue. Clearly enjoying the limelight.      RES OLY CERT to JACKSON’S CH & I GR PR ADZWOAM KINKY BOOTS. FN. (SIA m) 3 yr 10 mth. Comely lass with a lengthy even wedge on which ears are set well in line, so that the topline is very good, oriental eyes of deep blue that she tends to hold rather closed giving a superior expression. Profile shows a tiny slope, brow to muzzle, chin a little shallow but lines up, bite level. Firm, mid sized body, proportionate limbs and paws, tail could be marginally longer for balance. Sleek, close coat, dark blue based caramel points with an intriguing hint of plumminess on the ears, coat now heavily shaded, just enough contrast evident. Love that name.


IMP CERT Withheld. VIGGER’S GR CH ROCHEROS ARAMIS OF SNOWSEAL. M. (SIA a 21). 1 yr 10 mth. Very handsome lad, my notes all start with superlatives with one exception. Lovely even triangular wedge head, excellent, topline-large, spaced ears with a beautiful flare, super eyes for oriental shape and set, but in this hall’s good light, the blue lacked depth by Siamese standards.  Excellent smooth just convex profile over a muzzle of depth, chin showing a tiny beard. Lithe, firm body, limbs and tail to match. Coat well textured, soft blue tabby points with good facial patterning and tail ringing, smoky body giving appropriate contrast.


GR PC to GRAVES’ PR OPALOPUS MARCELLO. MN. (SIA c) 3 yr 3 mth . Timid lad, slender and lengthy. Wedge of length, large ears aligned, blue eyes oriental, open with alarm. Very good, smooth profile arch, muzzle has reasonable depth, aligned chin and bite. Long, slender body, active slender limbs and tail matching. Coat has pleasing texture and length, points of an attractive soft lilac tone, good contrast from the magnolia body that shows some gentle matching shading.


 GR PC to MEEKINGS’ PR LEMENTAL HERMIA. FN. (BAL n). 7 yr 11 mth. Totally adorable Balinese senior with a shorter,  triangular wedge head, ears medium large, well spaced, eyes of good blue and oriental shape. Profile now shows a little dip at the brow, muzzle has depth, aligned chin and bite. Dainty senior body, limbs and tail matching. Seal Pointed coat lengthy and showing flow to it. Grave, reserved and slightly tentative attitude. Like a favourite aunty.


1CC & BoB. SIMCOX’S BEWYCHEN LILI LAFAIELLE. F. (SIA f). 2 yr 1 mth. Vocal seal tortie girl, auditioning for a post as a foghorn. Medium length, even wedge, very good top, ears of balancing size, flaring out nicely, eyes rather open, good basic shape and clear blue tone. Excellent straight profile, well lined up muzzle and level bite. Firm body with matching limbs and tail length. Coat shows seal points broken in rather pale shades with typical tortie shading that does not obscure body contrast.  Also considered for BoB.   MILLER’S CH JAKURTZZI SPELLCASTER. F. (SIA k) 1 yr 2 mth. Graceful Caramel Tortie girl still looking very ‘girlish’.  Dainty wedge, attractive topline, ears of size flared in line, eyes oriental and of good blue shade.  Straight profile, aligned chin of curving outline. Slender, adolescent body with similar limbs and tail to match. Sleek coat showing points delicately broken by apricot, lovely pale body for contrast.    PALMER &NEWMAN’S CH COCOBA SALT N PIPPA. F. (SIA g) 2 yr 0 mth. Blue Tortie girl. Another very dainty lass,  lovely pale body, points however look more caramel than blue today and the breaks warmer than cream. 


PC & BoB MARTIN’S ABICASA CHAMPAGNE CHARLIE. MN. (SIA b) 10 mth 0 wk. Attractive boy, just adult. Lengthy even wedge, broad top between large ears held modishly low, inclined oriental eyes of clear blue. Excellent straight profile, chin curves away slightly, bite level. Long, gangling body, lengthy limbs and super lengthy tail. Sleek coat shows warm chocolate limbs and tail, mask a little deeper toned, very good ivory body contrast.


BoB. MARTIN’S I GR PR ABICASA THE ARTFUL DODGER. MN. (SIA c)  3 yr 6 mth. (See above)  Also considered GRAVES’ PR OPALOPUS MARCELLO. MN. (SIA c). 3 yr 3 mth (See above)


BoB  CH & I GR PR ADZWOAM KINKY BOOTS. FN. (SIA m).  3 yr 3 mth. (See above)


 BoB. BROWN’S GR PR BECKSTAR SACRAMENTO. MN. (SIA p) 2 yr 6 mth. Shy lad with a long, even head, ears aligned, needing a bit more space between, eyes oriental, apprehensive expression to the blue. Profile virtually straight, muzzle a little shallow, chin aligned, bite level. Long slender body, limbs and tail to match. Sleek coat shows matched warm mushroomy points, soft shading to the pale body.


BoB REED’S GR CH & I GR PR JOHPAS JESSIE JAY. FN. (SIA em). 4 yr 3 mth. (See above).


BoB. MEEKINGS’ PR LEMENTAL HERMIA. FN. (BAL n).  7 yr 11 mth.  (See above).


BoB VIGGERS’ I GR CH MICHANT FURREVER LOVE. F. (OSH j)  3 yr 2 mth. See Midshires Report.  Also considered. MEEKINGS’ CH RANTIPOLE LAVENDER F. (OSH k) 1 yr 9 mth. Caramel Tortie point. (See OLH Report).


CC & BoB  MAY’S BUURAPHAA AUTUMN BELLE. F. (OSH b 25). 9 mth 1 wk. Baby of good type, even wedge head, well placed and set ears, eyes a little open,  basic shape oriental, good green.  Straight profile, deep aligned chin, level bite. Dainty adolescent body, balanced limbs and tail. Sleek close coat shows very good chocolate ticking well distributed, one broken necklet.  2. HEMMINGS’ LORICHA CHANTILLY LACE. F. (OSH ns 25) 1 yr 6 mth. More mature girl of lovely type, triangular head, large ears widely placed and flared to flatter, eyes of oriental shape, but short of green, really a golden yellow shade. Profile straight, chin slopes back a little, bite meets. Balanced body, limbs and tail.  Sleek coat shows clear silver ticking.


1 BoB. LEE’S WILLHAVETODO AL CAPONE. M. (OSH b) 5 mth 2 wk. Attractive laddie with a very good, medium length, triangular wedge, on which large ears are well spaced and flared becomingly, wicked oriental eyes bent on mischief, clear green. Excellent smooth profile, muzzle has depth and chin lines up, bite level. Lithe body with spidery limbs and length of tail. Very pleasing glossy, warm chestnut coat, commendably sound. 2. SIVITER’S MICHANT BRUTUS. M. (OSH b) 7 mth 1 wk. Well developed boy of good type. Head well shaped, ears well spaced and flared upon it, eyes a little rounded but basic shape and set oriental, green developing. Very good profile and splendid depth of muzzle, aligned chin and level bite. Lengthy, well grown body with length of limb and tail to balance. Coat of good quality, slightly darker shade than the above, fairly sound, nice texture, hint of barring still evident.


1 LEE’S WILLHAVETODO AL CAPONE. M. (OSH b) 5 mth 2 wk. (See above) 2. SIVITER’S MICHANT BRUTUS. M. (OSH b) 7 mth 1 wk.   (See above).  X2 DAVIES’ WICCANWAYS KHALEESI F. (OSH f). 4 mth 0 wk. Tortie Oriental Shorthair.  Little darling. Triangular head, good sized ears well set, oriental eyes of dull green, wide with wonder, profile undulates just a little, deep muzzle, aligned chin, level bite. Rounded body (lunch was good I think) neat limbs and tail. Lovely bright red breaks in the black of her coat.


ALEXANDER’S ADIFTAM BRYHER RENNES. F. (SIA n). 5 mth 3 wk. Seal point lady with an even wedge that could have a little more width at its top; ears set in line, oriental eyes of a dull blue, shaped well. Good straight profile, strong chin; haven’t recorded the bite, my apologies. Balanced young body, limbs and tail matching. Seal points with good contrast to the body that shows close texture.



OLY CERT to BROWN’S I GR CH HEMLOCK SPOTTY MULDOON. M. (OSH n 24)  1 yr 4 mths. Oriental Spotted Tabby. So young and so stunning, this boy just goes from strength to strength, taking it all in his stride, and accepting all the adulation as his due (which it is). Wonderful strength of head, a beautiful strong equilateral wedge, enhanced by large ears widely spaced and flaring out widely. Calm expression in his inclined oriental green eyes. Aristocratic profile arch, deep muzzle, chin slopes ever so gently, bite level. Great strong, masculine body of length, with limbs and tail of matching development. Close coat, with an excellent spotted pattern, body spotting distinct and sound, strongly defined facial tabbying, broken triple spine tines, shoulder patterning, broken necklaces, tail rings all as they should be, only criticism as always being the lack of warmth in the ground colour, but you can’t have everything and when you have all this magnificence, gratitude is the appropriate emotion. Worthy winner of Best Pedigree Award in two Shows.    RES OLY CERT to MILLER’S I GR CH MAFDET QUICKSILVER. M. (SIA n 21) 1 yr 10 mth. Seal Tabby lad, only a little apprehensive today and showed quite well. Attractive, straight sided wedge head with well placed and flaring ears of size, oriental shape and incline to eyes of good blue. Excellent straight profile, muzzle could be a little deeper ideally, curving chin, level bite. Balanced slender, limbs and tail.  Coat texture smooth, tabby pattern very delicately washed in, delicate mask tracery and bracelets, tail faintly ringed, body showing some subtle seal shading, contrast satisfactory.


1st-  OLY CERT Withheld VIGGERS’ I GR CH MICHANT FURREVER LOVE. F. (OSH j). 3 yr 2 mth. Lady of excellent development with a strong wedge, slight pinch evident, ears of good size, set in line, oriental eyes of pale eau-de-nil shade. Powerful arched profile, strong deep muzzle, aligned chin, irregular incisors meeting. Excellent strong body with matching length of limbs, tail could be a little longer ideally. Close coat of good texture, colour a little muddy and lacking any hint of pink, breaks warm and apricot-like over the back, pads purplish pink where pigmented. I liked her strength very much but this level is bordering on celestial so everything has to be just right.




PC BoB STOKES’ UK OS I GR CH LITTLEFEAT POWDERFINGER. FN. (SIA f) 5 yr 4 mth. Very stylish Seal Tortie Lady. Excellent equilateral, straight sided head with super breadth at the top between widely flaring ears, giving an eye-catching topline. Very good oriental eyes with depth of blue. Super smoothly arching profile with good deep muzzle, curving chin, level bite. Mature firm lengthy body, limbs and tail proportionate. Coat of excellent smooth texture, seal points showing rather pale breaks, the only real criticism of this beautiful lady.


BoB BROWN’S I GR CH HEMLOCK SPOTTY MULDOON. M. (OSH n 24)  1 yr 4 mth. (See above)


1st – CC Withheld. ELLIOTT’S SERAPIS ALLTHATIAM. F. (OSH a 24) 1 yr 4 mth. Very friendly little lady with a dainty short wedge head, sporting ears of mid size that could show a little more flare ideally, bright expression in her open amber coloured eyes. Profile virtually straight, good muzzle depth, aligned chin, level bite. Neat little body, proportionate limbs and tail. Blue coat shows a blurry pattern, solid crown of head, some faint blue spots on her flanks that show linkage, shoulder pattern not evident and spine very faint, tail rings and some leg barring there, a broken necklace; as usual with blues, background shows little contrast to enhance the pattern.


1 BoB. CASSAR-SIMMONDS’ FIORDILISO JAY JAY’S JEWELS. M. (OSH n). 5 mth 0 wk. Boy of very splendid type with a wonderful look. Excellent equilateral triangle to his head with large ears set in eye-catching alignment, super green oriental eyes with a wonderfully lowering expression. Graceful profile arch, aligned chin, level bite. Body lithe and lengthy, limbs and tail proportionate. Very good gleaming, sound jet black coat. Congratulations on the Best Exhibit win in the OLHBC Show.


1 PC BoB. BLUNDELL’S HARTRIDGE HOMESPUNSAFA. MN. (OLH n 11) 1 yr 9 mth. Handsome Shaded lad with an even triangle to his head on which sizeable ears set in line, oriental eyes of olive tone and a wickedly mischievous expression. Profile almost straight, tiny rise over the muzzle, strong chin, level bite. Lengthy body with proportionate limbs and tail. Coat of mid length with very good silken texture, heavy black terminal tipping to form the mantle, short pale undercoat.


BoB Withheld. HINSON’S GR PR WESTGARTH PRINCE OF DARKNESS. MN. (OSH n) 2 yr 10 mth Beautiful long even sided triangle to his wedge, large widely flaring ears oriental eyes unfortunately showing haws up and a bit inflamed. Splendidly straight profile, chin slopes back, upper outer incisors overlapping lower ones. Lengthy body, limbs and tail matching, glossed black, sound coat.


1 PALMER & NEWMAN’S GABLME THE VOICE. F. (OSH f) 1 yr 6 mth. Dusky tortie maiden with a strong mid length wedge on which ears are set in flattering alignment, eyes well shaped and inclined. Strong, straight profile, deep strong muzzle and aligned chin, excellent even bite.  Body, limbs and tail in balance. Black coat lightly broken by various light red series shades.  2. FURBER’S CASPA CAREFREE. M. (SIA n) 9 mth 0 wk. Very pleasing seal pointed lad, even wedge, lovely broad top between large flaring ears, good oriental shape to eyes, blue could be just a little deeper for preference. Good smooth profile, muzzle just a little shallow, chin lines up, bite level. Body slender and youthful as expected, limbs and tail in proportion. Close lying coat, seal points with lightly shaded body for contrast.   3. BROWNING’S PIPPASTRO DELIGHTFANTASTIC F. (OLH ems 11) 1 yr 0 mth. (See  OLHBC Report)


1 QUIN’S JOMESE JEREMIAH-QUIN. M. (SIA n 21). 17 wk. Very pleasing little seal tabby male, very young as yet; nice ears for size and set, inclined oriental blue eyes, very good smooth arched profile, deep aligned chin, level bite. Baby body, balancing limbs and tail. Soft warm seal tabby tracings, tail rings and bracelets.


1 MARTIN’S ABICASA CHAMPAGNE CHARLIE. MN. (SIA b) 10 mth 0 wk. (See above) 2. VINCE’S AMANJAY PURE DEVOTION. F. (SIA b) 4 mth 3 wk. Whirling dervish of good type, and nice colour, bite marginally under at present.


1 EMMENS’ I GR PR SPICESIAM COOLHAND LIKE. MN. (SIA d) Wonderful for type and affectionate nature. Nearly made off with my steward. Super in every way, lovely triangular head, large, widely flaring ears, mesmerising oriental eyes of good blue. Straight profile, level chin and bite. Super body, balancing limbs and tail. Rich red points and warm off white body contrast. 2. CHANDLER’S GR PR JOHPAS PETITS BISOUS. MN. (SIA d) 1 yr 3 mth. Another splendid lad described in detail recently. Superb head type, eyes just a little pale for perfection; love him to bits. 3  MILLER’S CH JAKURTZZI SPELLCASTER. F. (SIA k). 1 yr 2 mth. (See above)


AV ORIENTAL CHAMPION. GR CC to HART’S CH LORICHA ORGANZA. F. (OLH ns 11) 4 yr 8 mth. Lady of good type, nothing exaggerated but all in place. Even triangular wedge head with medium large ears placed just so, well apart and in line, eyes of oriental shape and incline, slightly full, clear eau-de-nil shade. Mature body, firm, matched by limbs and tail. Coat of medium length with flow to it and soft in texture, small ruff and breeches evident, furnished plume tail. Lovely silver well up the hair shafts to delicate terminal black tipping.   RES GR CC to MEEKINGS’ CH RANTIPOLE LAVENDER. F. (OSH k). 1 yr 9 mth. Oriental Caramel Tortie Shorthair. Lady with a medium length wedge, showing a tiny pinch, ears spaced on the wedge and held in line, eyes held a little open, on the incline, pale green shade. Profile shows a very gently curved forehead, a minor angle at the brow, straight plane from there to nose, muzzle has depth, chin curves gently, bite meets. Firm body, limbs of length to match it, tail just long enough for balance. Coat has good texture under the hand, striking blue based caramel, apricot breaks.


GR CC to ELLOITT’S CH JOMESE PAZZAZZ AT-SERAPIS. M. (SIA d) 1 yr 0 mth. Attractive young Red Pointed man with a straight sided wedge, ears of size flared in line, might be just a little more spaced, inclined, almond shaped eyes of good blue shade. Excellent profile curving chin of some depth, level bite. Long firm body, limbs and tail in keeping. Good texture to his coat that shows soft reds on the points, excellent pale contrasting warm white body, slight spinal shading in red.


GR CC to BROWNING’S CH PIPPASTRO SWEET-DREAMS. F. (BAL a 21)   1 yr 10 mth. Blue Tabby Balinese. Lovely lady with a superior even wedge, excellent topline, large ears widely spaced and flaring. Inclined oriental eyes of good blue shade. Strong straight profile, super depth of muzzle, aligned chin, bite just meets. Slender body of length, limbs and tail to match.  Coat texture good, perhaps a little seasonally short at this time of year, and tail might be just a little more sweeping for preference. Lovely blue tabby pattern. RES GR CC to ROSS’S CH DIBBERPUSS SMARTIE. F. (BAL f).  1 yr 6 mths. Tortie Balinese lady with an equilateral wedge, ears medium large, set well upon it, eyes rather open out of the pen but came down when returned to its safety, clear blue. Medium body, balanced limbs and tail.  Lovely silken coat texture, bright red breaks to her seal points, contrasting slightly shaded body. Also considered. MEEKINGS’ CH TREGONY GYLLYNG VASE. F. (BAL k) 3 yr 3 mth.  Dainty lass with a medium sized wedge, ears well set, could be a little larger for preference, oriental shape and set to her eyes of good blue. Profile virtually straight, chin has depth, incisors level.  Slender body, matching limbs and tail. Coat has pleasing texture and medium length with flow to it.  Blue based caramel points, well broken,  cute, pale tail tip.


CC FURBER’S CASPA CATBALOO. M. (SIA a)  9 mth 0 wk. Youth with a very well balanced triangular head, on which ears of size are nicely spaced and flared, oriental eyes of good blue. Arching profile, firm chin, level bite. Mid sized, adolescent body, limbs and tail in proportion. Matched mid blue points, shady body, sufficient contrast.


1 BoB BROWN’S WILLOWSILK SNOWDRIFT. MN. (BAL m). 8 mth 2 wk. Large, well developed caramel pointed Balinese. Short strong triangular wedge, medium large ears set in line, almond shaped eyes, set on the oblique, clear mid blue.  Short arching profile, deep strong muzzle firm chin, level bite. Long substantial body, matching limbs and tail. Coat of medium length, pleasing texture, matching points, lovely pale clear body contrast.


1 ELLIIOTT’S SERAPIS ALLTHATIAM. F. (OSH a 24). 1 yr 4 mth (See Midshires Report). 2. MAY’S BUURAPHAA AUTUMNS BREEZE. F. (OSH o) 9 mth 1 wk.  Dainty lass with pinched wedge, large well flared ears, profile showing a distinct, though shallow forehead depression, curving chin, level bite. Dainty little body, matching limbs and tail. Coat slick, shows a fairly even warm cinnamon shade, almost sound x2. BROWNING’S PIPPASTRO DELIGHTFANTASTIC. M. (OLH ems 11) 1 yr 0 mth Pleasing lady with a long triangular head, ears set in line and of good size, oriental eyes, colour unfortunately an amber/orange shade. Excellent smooth profile, gently convex, aligned chin, level bite. Well developed, lengthy body, similar limbs and tail. Coat developing length, muted silver overlaid with attractive apricot mantle.


1. BROWNING’S PIPPASTRO RATATOUILLE. F. (OLH w 61) 8 mth 3 wk. Even wedge, ears set well,  blue eyes of oriental shape and set. Slender adolescent body, balanced limbs and tail of length Very lovely medium length, flowing white coat.


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