Dr B Bennett West of England Critiques 2015

Dr B Bennett West of England Critiques 2015

By Ross | Judges Critiques

Dr B Bennett West of England Critiques 2015My thanks to Grace and Pat for their invitation to their Show at Thornbury, where an air of calm contentment prevailed throughout. My thanks also to my colleague Maria Chapman who stewarded, exploring new fields and was a most agreeable and efficient companion.  It was good to see Mrs Harper back among us looking spry in spite of her recent injury.


1 CC. BoB REES’ JUANNE LOVELY LUKE. M. (OSH c) 1 yr 3 mth. Youth of excellent even triangular head type, with ears of very good size and flare though he tends to bonnet them. Inclined oriental green eyes. Very good straight profile, muzzle could be deeper ideally, chin curving away gently, level bite. Lengthy, lithe body, balancing limbs, tail could be a little longer to balance for preference. Coat slightly long but lies close and smooth, even, sound, medium lilac tone.


BoB RICE’S CH BELLAMEZE HEARTOFGLASS. F. (OLH m) 1 yr 6 mths. Dainty lady with an even wedge on which ears of balanced size are set in line; eyes oriental in shape and green toned. Profile straight, chin aligned and of some depth, bite level. Body slender and lithe, limbs and tail proportionate. Coat silky in texture, a soft warm rosy brown shade.


1 BoB. BURCHELL’S HEMLOCK DEMOLITION DERBY. M. (OSH n 24) 6 mth 1 wk. Quite a formidable young man with a strong head of beautifully even lines, large ears flaring out, green inclined oriental eyes with a stern expression. Straight profile, level chin and bite. Strong slender body balancing length of limbs and tail. Good spotted pattern with broken necklaces, and spine line, clear body spotting, fairly sound, some ticking, and as usual, rather cold toned background.


BoB. FOWLER’S GR CH & I UK GR PR PIENA  SYDNEYNOTASPOT. MN. (OSH m 11) 13 yr 2 wk. Handsome and gentle senior citizen with a lovely wedge head, graced by flaring ears of good size, emerald green oriental eyes with a benign expression, straight profile aligned chin, incisors now a thing of the past. Body now comfy in shape, with limbs and tail matching. Coat has excellent texture , caramel mantle underlain by an agouti-ish layer reaching about halfway up the hair shafts.


1 PC. HEMMINGS’ LORICHA REBEL ROUSER. MN. (OSH ns 25) 1 yr 8 mth. Large timid lad with a well balanced triangular head, ears set well, eyes of oriental shape and incline, olive green in tone. Profile straight, chin slopes back a little, incisors level. Body shows length and strength, limbs and tail balancing it. Coat of pleasing close texture, silver reaching upward from the skin before the ticking appears.


1 PC BoB DRUMMOND’S KAMIK BILLY JEAN. FN. (OSH f 25) 1 yr 1 mth. Another lady of retiring nature, shrinking behind a festoon of blankets. Dainty even triangular head, with ears of balancing size showing flare, eyes of oriental set, green in tone. Profile straight, aligned chin, level incisors. Body slender and feminine, limbs in keeping, dainty paws, matching tail. Coat close and smooth, showing well defined brown tortie ticking, reds warm.


1 BUDDEN’S COSMO FAETON. M. (OSH a) 5 mth 1 wk. Very typy little Oriental Blue with huge, low set ears and good green eyes; a little subdued today. 2. RAEMOND’S BARBECCO GLAMOUR PUSS. F. (OSH q) 6 mth 4 wk. Coat really lives up to her name, a splendid cinnamon tortie robe. Holds her ears up a little at times.


1 DRUMMOND’S BUURAPHAA POLLY POCKET. FN. (OSH h) 10 mth 1 wk. Attractive chocolate tortie oriental of type and substance, pale green eyes, lovely bright red breaks; face shows slight brindling at present.


1 POUNDS’ SARNAU FELIX CITED. M. (SIA d) 1 yr 6 mth. Bit of a cross patch today; super substance, lovely even wedge head with dep blue eyes and lovely flared ears, all strong and balanced. Pale red points. 2. MARTIN’S FLOWERDEW AGNETHA. (SIA n) 2 yr 4 wk. Mature Seal Point of extravagantly glamorous type, a candidate for cat walk stardom.


1 MILLER’S I GR CH MAFDET QUICKSILVER. M. (SIA n 21) 1 yr 11 mth. Seal Tabby Point Siamese. Handsome male with a strong, even head, beautiful topline, inclined oriental eyes of good blue when he opens them reluctantly, Super large ears that he persists in holding down much of the time, though he can hold them up. Excellent straight profile, muzzle has depth, incisors meet just scissored over. Strong lithe body, balanced limbs and tail. Delicate tabby points, good contrast.


1 MILLER’S CH JAKURTZZI SPELLCASTER. F. (SIA k) 1 yr 3 mth.  Caramel Tortie Point, very good all round, eyes marginally full, excellent blue. Beautiful pale body to contrast the Caramel Tortie points. 2. DAVIES’ ADIFTAM MEANDER ZANDER. M. (SIA b 21) 11 mth 2 d.  Chocolate Tabby Point with a good wedge, sizeable ears, would prefer just a little more flare. Attractive blue eyes, excellent straight profile. Lovely clear ivory body to contrast the chocolate tabby points.


1 MARTIN’S ABICASA ALLEGRA. F. (SIA n) 6 mth 1 wk.Splendid young seal pointed male of very good all round type and lovely contrast.


1 POUNDS’ JOMESE JEREMIAH-QUIN. M. (SIA n 21) 4 mth 4 wk. Very attractive little seal tabby person, excellent type, lovely large flared ears, and very good eye colour. 2. BUDDEN’S BUDDY’S BE BOP A LULA. F. (SIA f 21) 6 mth 1 wk. A pert little tortie tabby tot of good type, tiny pinch at present, and bonneting er ears today. Eyes of good shape, mid blue. Tortie features show very pale breaks, good body contrast.


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