Mrs B Pearce Blue Pointed Critiques 2015

Mrs B Pearce Blue Pointed Critiques 2015

By Ross | Judges Critiques

Mrs B Pearce Blue Pointed Critiques 2015Thank you Joan for asking me to judge Diana Harper’s classes when she injured her ankle. I hope exhibitors were not too disappointed to have me instead, and I hope you will be back soon Diana. What a lovely day with a really good entry, some fabulous cats to enjoy and a wonderful lunch. My thanks also to Catherine Moulton for stepping in to steward for me, for handling the cats with great care, and for being such good company.


Olympian Grand Champion Male

OLYMPIAN GRCH, Miss S Brown’s IGRCH HEMLOCK SPOTTY MULDOON. (OSH n 24) M 1y 4m. Extremely handsome and a joy to judge. Superb masculine strength to his head. Ears are large, wide based and set following the lines of his wedge. Strong chin and profile – perfect bite. Wonderfully expressive mid green oriental eyes. Long, hard and muscular body, long strong legs, long whip tail. Excellent well defined tabby markings on his head, legs and tail. His beautifully sleek, close fitting coat shows a good spotted pattern with broken necklaces, broken spine line and clear sound spots on his shoulders and body – there in a little agouti and there is no doubt that his ground colour should be a warmer tone, but it isn’t and is unlikely to become so – the many positives, for me, outweigh this slight negative. Best Exhibit in his two shows – well done.

RES OLYMPIAN GRCH, Mrs S Miller’s IGRCH MAFDET QUICKSILVER. (SIA n 21) M 1y 10m. Another very handsome lad – finer boning to him but no doubt as to his masculinity. Strong even wedge head with large very widely flared and low set ears. Good chin and profile – a few missing teeth but his bite level. Dark blue oriental eyes – a little straight and deep set. Long hard and muscular body with long slender legs and a fine whip tail. Well defined warm seal tabby markings against a lightly shaded body. A few lines visible on top of his head but there is contrast. Coat short and sleek. Excellent presentation – handled well.

Olympian Grand Champion Female

OLYMPIAN GRCH, Mrs L Viggers’s IGRCH MICHANT FURREVER LOVE. (OSH J) F 3y 2m. A very attractive and mature looking lady of excellent type and great style. Tiny pinch to her strong wedge head. Large widely flared ears. Straight profile, firm chin, Teeth a little untidy but her bite acceptable. Very expressive oriental eyes of bright light green. Long beautifully toned body with slender legs and a fine whip tail. Short, sleek dark lilac tortie coat well patched and mingled with shades of pale and darker cream. Excellent presentation – a super girl.

Siamese/Balinese Grand Champion

GRCH n/a, 1st Mrs S Miller’s CH JAKURTZZI SPELLCASTER. (SIA k) F 1y 2m. A dainty and stylish youngster but, in my opinion, has a little more growing up to do before aspiring to Grand. Slightly pinched mid length wedge head which needs a touch more width on top. Ears large and well set. Small dip to profile, chin rounds, level bite. Vivid bright blue oriental eyes held a touch full on handling. Long slender body and legs. Fine whip tail. Brownish grey tortie points well mingled with shades of apricot – minimal shading to off white body and a short sleek coat. Lovely outgoing temperament – excellent presentation.

2nd Mrs M Palmer & Mr B Newman’s CH COCOBA SALT N PIPPA. (SIA g) F 2y. Dainty and fine boned, rather small for her age I felt. Slightly narrow wedge head with large ears needing more width between them. Profile almost straight, good chin and bite. Good shape and set to her eyes of good colour. Long firm body and legs – rather a fat tummy today. Fine tail. Points all well mingled but very dark for blue – minimal shading to her body and  a short, close lying coat. A happy lady, well shown and presented.

Also considered Mrs RE & Mr HCM Meekings’s CH TREGONY GYLLYNG VASE. (BAL k) F 3y 3m. A very shy lady who was intent on hanging on to the safety of her pen. Short wedge head with well set tufted ears which really need to be larger. Straight profile, slightly shallow chin, level bite. Vivid blue oriental eyes. Firm body of good length with slender legs and a well plumed tail which needs a little more length. Blue based points with attractive blaze to mask and good mingling elsewhere. Some shading to her body with a silky coat which ideally needs a little more length. Shown and presented well.

Balinese Adult

1st CC & BOB, Dr K Ross’s DIBBERPUSS FALMAI. (BAL n 21) F 1y 6m. Seal Tabby. A really well developed young queen of good type and balance. Evenly balanced wedge head with large well furnished and well set ears. Straight profile, firm chin, level bite. Slightly full mid blue eyes, ideally need a touch more depth and intensity to them. Long beautifully toned body with long legs and a long well plumed tail. Well defined seal tabby markings with tonal shading to her body and lovely silky texture to her coat of good length. Excellent presentation and temperament – very confident.

Also considered Mrs RE & Mr HCM Meekings’s CH TREGONY GYLLYNG VASE. (BAL k) F 3y 3m.

Seal Point Siamese Kitten

1st & BOB, Dr J & Dr M Alexander’s ADIFTAM BRYHER RENNES. (SIA n) F 5m 3w. A very ‘full on’ little madam full of character. Even lines to her mid length wedge head – just needs a touch more width on top for perfect balance. Large well set ears. Straight profile, firm chin, level bite. Oriental eyes need a touch more depth and intensity to the colour. Long slender body and legs. Long fine whip tail. Points warm in tone – not quite complete as yet and a little brindling to her mask. Warm cream unshaded body with a soft close lying coat. Excellent presentation.

Tabby Point Siamese Neuter

1st PC & BOB, Mrs S Miller’s PASHTAN SNAGGLEPUSS. (SIA b 21) MN 1y 4m. A well developed chocolate tabby youngster with a long slightly pinched wedge head and large well set ears – just needs a touch more width between them for better balance. Straight profile, firm chin, level bite. Bright blue oriental eyes. Long muscular body, long strong legs, long tapered tail. Markings a touch dark but warm in tone and very well defined. Lightly shaded ivory body with a close lying coat. Delightful temperament – well shown and presented.

Oriental Spotted Tabby Adult

BOB awarded to Miss S Brown’s IGRCH HEMLOCK SPOTTY MULDOON. (OSH n 24) M 1y 4m.

Oriental Blue Kitten

1st & BOB, Mrs S Lee’s WILLHAVETODO BUGSY MALONE. (OSH a) M 6m 1w. A strong and really well grown lad of stunning type. Strong broad wedge head – tiny pinch at the moment. Huge bat ears beautifully set and widely flared. Profile almost straight – good chin and bite. Lovely expression in his mid green oriental eyes. Long muscular body with long slender legs and a very long fine whip tail. Short mid blue coat, sleek and close – almost sound. Delightful baby full of character – beautifully presented.


AC Oriental Kitten (14w-6m)

1st Miss S Davies’s WICCANWAYS KHALEESI. (OSH f) F 4m. Dear little person with a short wedge head, minimal pinch and large wide set ears. Uneven baby profile, good chin and bite. Muddy green eyes held a little full. Plump little body with legs and tail in balance. Black tortie coat well mingled with shades of bright red.

Visitors Kitten

1st Miss D Burchell’s HEMLOCK DEMOLITION DERBY. (OSH n 24) M 5m 1w. Very well grown and developed this handsome spotty. Strong wedge head, large well set ears, Straight profile, deep chin, level bite. Bright mid green eyes. Long muscular body, lovely tall legs and a fine whip tail. Coat beautifully short and sleek with good clear spotted pattern.

2nd Ms D Allen’s VONTEEZ GOLD-DUST. (OSH em O3) M 16w. A very promising little tot – loved her! Strong little wedge head with large widely flared ears. Lovely green oriental eyes. Well grown for her age – good length body, slender legs, fine whip tail. Plenty of white in the correct places with apricot patches on her head, body and legs. Soft baby coat.

3rd Miss D Davies’s WICCANWAYS FIRE-EATER. (OSH d 03) M 4m.

Siamese/Balinese Neuter

1st Mrs AJ Stokes’s UK & OSIGC LITTLEFEAT POWDERFINGER. (SIA f) F 5y 4m. Gorgeous stylish lady. Lovely strength of head with large beautifully flared ears. Very expressive vivid blue oriental eyes. Beautifully balanced body type – well broken seal tortie points with pale red mingling. Hardly any shading to her close coat.

2nd Mrs S Rigby’s IGRPR SUMADORE REDDY TEDDY GO. (SIA d) MN 3y 1m. Strong and handsome red point lad. Lovely strength to his head. Large wide ears. Dark and expressive oriental eyes. Lovely masculine build to him. Deep red points with some tonal shading to his body. Short, close coat.

3rd Mrs S Chandler’s GRPR JOHPAS PETITS BISOUS. (SIA d) MN 1y 3m.


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