Mrs D Brown Blue Pointed Critiques 2015

Mrs D Brown Blue Pointed Critiques 2015

By Ross | Judges Critiques

Mrs D Brown Blue Pointed Critiques 2015

Many thanks to Joan for the invitation to judge again this year. Always a pleasure with the good lighting and excellent catering at this venue.  Thanks also to Heather Roper for travelling especially to steward for me and for her very hard work throughout a hot day.

Siamese or Balinese Grand Premier

I – Chandler’s GD PR JOHPAS PETITS BISOUS (SIA d) MN 11/04/14. A stylish boy, perhaps a touch effeminate looking as yet but he is still young and he is not small by any means. Even well balanced medium length wedge with very good top of head, and large ears very well set.  Oriental eye shape and set with very good expression, colour could be a little deeper for perfection. Profile almost straight, good chin, bite a little uneven and scissored over.   Long weighty body and long limbs, tail a little short for balance but is well tapered.  Bright mid red points, warm white coat with light tonal shading overall, coat excellent for length texture and condition. A gentle lad, handled well and was excellently presented.

R – Brown’s GD PR BECKSTAR SACRAMENTO (SIA p ) MN 21/01/13. Excellent size and substance to this chap. Longer wedge, ideally for all that head length I would like a slightly wider top line but he looked better when he relaxed. Straight strong profile, very firm chin with a dear little beard, level bite, could be a touch fine in the muzzle. Oriental eye shape and set, colour could be a tad deeper but is bright in tone.  Long very well muscled and weighty body, long strong limbs, tail almost balances. Super points colour, pale rosy toned fawn and almost evenly toned on all points, almost unshaded coat with excellent short close texture. A friendly boy, excellently presented.

Oriental Champion Female

GD CC – Meekings’ CH RANTIPOLE LAVENDER (OSH k) F 18/10/13. A big strong girl of good style and type. Medium length wedge with good top line, and large ears set to balance.  Small dip to profile, firm chin and level bite. Eyes a touch full but basic shape and set good, and the colour is a lovely clear  mid green.  Long well toned body, long limbs, tail fairly whippy but needs an inch to balance. Dark blue-based caramel tortie colouring with plentiful mingling in mid apricot, brownish overtone evident on her back and tail, perhaps a touch unsound on the sides today, length and texture excellent. A little tense but handled well, excellently presented.

R – Debowska’s CH VELVETENA GIFT-WRAPPED (OSH c) F 15/03/13. Another lady of very good type size and substance. Medium length wedge with very good top of head and nicely flared ears in proportion and well set.  Oriental eye shape and set but tends to widen with worry, colour a rather yellowish green. Profile almost straight, just a marginal dip below the eyes, good chin and bite.  Tends to hunch her neck, body long and well toned,  long limbs and tail to balance. Mid lilac coat with a hint of pink, excellent for length and closeness of texture, completely sound to roots. A little tense but very gentle and handled well. Excellently presented. 

Balinese Kitten

1st & BOB – Brown’s WILLOWSILK SNOWDRIFT (BSL m) MN 14/11/14. A thumping great kitten, lovely weight and with the hugest paws, overall type good.  Medium length wedge, top could be a tad wider, better when he relaxed, ears well furnished and set to follow. Basic eye shape okay but tends to hold full, colour a bright mid blue.   Virtually straight profile, deep strong chin and level bite, could be a touch finer in the muzzle. Huge “puppy” body at present, strong boned limbs of medium length with the aforementioned  “yeti” paws. Points colour very promising, lilac-based with good fudgy tones coming through on the ears and tail. Off-white coat with almost no shading to speak of, gorgeous for texture, beautifully silky and fine, with length in keeping with age. A very friendly chunky chappie, going to be a big boy!  Excellently presented.

Red Point Neuter

Two very nice boys for BOB, the mature boy had the edge today.

BOB – Rigby’s IGDPR SUMADORE REDDY TEDDY GO (SIA d) MN 21/06/12. A stylish boy who knows how to show himself well,  he has the most lovely expression and super eye colour, and his points are a deep rich red tone. Head well balanced with very large ears excellently set. Profile chin and bite good.  Long slightly rotund body today, long limbs and tail. Excellent contrast to coat for a mature cat and the length and texture is excellent. Handled beautifully and was excellently presented.

also considered – Chandler’s GD PR JOHPAS PETITS BISOUS (SIA d) MN 11/04/14

Oriental Cinnamon Female Adult

1st CC w/h – May’s BUURAPHAA AUTUMNS BREEZE (OSH o) F 23/10/14. I remember this stylish lady as an exquisite kitten and praying at the time that her quite extreme skull depression would straighten out by the time she was adult. Unfortunately is has not and this was the only reason for withholding the certificate today. Still quite dainty but nice and weighty for size. Head well balanced with very good top and large open based ears set wide, though muzzle lines rather spoiled by a pinch today. Nose almost straight with firm chin and level bite.   Oriental eye shape and set with good clear green colour.  Long body with long dainty limbs, tapered tail needs an inch to balance. Mid cinnamon coat almost sound and free from ghosting, and the length and texture is very good. Excellent to handle and excellently presented, such a shame about the depression.

Oriental Spotted Tabby Kitten

1st & BOB – Burchell’s  HEMLOCK DEMOLITION DERBY (OSH n 24) M 21/02/15. Wonderful size and development to this kitten and  very good for type.  Strong head with very good top line and large flared ears set to balance. Oriental shape to eyes perhaps a little straight set at the moment, the colour is still developing but a good green beginning to come through. Strong profile and chin with level bite.  Huge weighty body with lovely muscle-tone for such a youngster, long strong limbs, tail quite whippy and almost balances. Very good spotted pattern, spots even,  round and sound to roots with minimal agouti invasion and well broken spine line, love his multi tiny spots over the top of his forelimbs and shoulders, and the ground colour is the correct warm  tone. Rather grumpy but easy to handle, excellently presented.

Oriental Bicolour Kitten

1st & BOB – Allen’s  VONTEEZ GOLD-DUST (OSH em 03)  M 07/04/15. A promising little person, not the biggest of kittens but solid and weighty for size.  Super little head with broad top line and very large ears set wide.  Very good shape to eyes, perhaps a touch deep set but it does give him an inscrutable expression, colour still developing. Tiny baby dips to profile, good chin and level bite. Good length to body which looked as though it had breakfasted well, long dainty limbs and whippy tail to almost balance. Predominantly white with the odd apricot patch to head and body, tail has a white tip. Coat long and soft, and I did wonder if this chap was a variant, which now I see his parentage in the catalogue, he is. A very friendly boy excellently presented.

2nd – Davies’ WICCANWAYS FIRE-EATER (OSH d 03) M 26/03/15. A well developed youngster, his overall type and style was good but would, I am sure, have looked a whole lot better if he wasn’t so nervous. Medium length head with good top, ears large but set a little close for balance. Eyes rather full in shape, a good green showing through baby murky tones. Profile straight with firm chin and level bite. Long weighty body with long legs and tail to almost balance. Rich red and pristine white in about 50/50/ proportions. White inverted “V” to face, down neck chest and tummy with some on all four limbs. Very good length and sleek texture to coat. Rather shy but handled well. Excellently presented.

Oriental Ticked Tabby Neuter

PC & BOB – Hemmings’ LORICHA REBEL ROUSER (OSH ns 25) MN 12/01/14. A big strong neuter boy of very good type. Quite a strong broad medium length wedge, although muzzle could be a touch finer, top of head good and the ears are large and very well set.  Straight strong profile with good chin and bite. Eyes oval in shape correctly set, a bright mid green in colour.  Long really weighty but still elegant body, long strong limbs and large oval paws, tail needs an inch or so to balance. Very good ticked pattern showing two clear bands of ticking on pale silver ground to about three quarters of the way up the hair shaft, has a darker dorsal line, and narrow banding to limbs and tail. Coat a touch long and very silky in texture, another variant  it would appear, with the double whammy of carrying the LH gene and being silver. A touch nervous but handled well, excellently presented.

O.L.H. Breed Club

A.V. Imperial Grand Premier Male

O – Emmens’ IGDPR SPICESIAM COOLHAND LUKE (SIA d) MN 31/05/13. A well balanced and stylish male neuter. Even medium length wedge with very good top of head and large flared ears set to follow.  Snooty expression to eyes, colour a brilliant blue that, if I were to nit pick,  could be deeper for perfection.  Straight profile, chin of good depth lines up with the nose tip, bite marginally scissored over.  Long elegant neck with a long well muscled body, long slender limbs and well tapered tail to almost balance. Excellent bright mid red points, warm white coat with some medium tonal shading overall. Coat excellent for length texture and condition. A friendly and showy boy excellently presented

A.V. Imperial Grand Premier Female

1st O w/h – Jackson’s CH & IGDPR ADZWOAM KINKY BOOTS (SIA m) FN 14/09/11. This lady neuter is very stylish but seemed somewhat out of sorts and lacked a little sparkle today. From the front view her medium length head is very well balanced with lovely wide top and large flared ears set in line. However, the profile view is  somewhat uneven, with dips above the brow and  centre nose, and there is a pronounced bump on the back of the skull, firm chin and level bite. Eye shape a little exaggerated and deep set but colour good.  Comfortably covered body of good length with long slender limbs and tail to almost balance. Dark blue-based caramel points with some brownish tones to ears and tail, nose leather and paw pads a nice mulberry colour. Off-white coat heavily shaded to tone with the points but some contrast still evident, good for length but marginally soft and fine in texture. Excellent temperament and presentation.

Oriental Tortie Adult

CC – Palmer & Newman’s GABLME THE VOICE (OSH f) F 30/01/14. A neat little queen, rather dainty looking for a girl of this age but deceptively weighty and substantial for her size. Short wedge with very good top of head, would like a touch finer in the muzzle and she has a small pinch, ears nicely open at the base of good size and well set.  Oriental eye shape and set with wicked expression and a clear mid green colour. Profile straight with a firm chin and level bite. Weighty and perhaps over-comfortably covered body, long dainty limbs and paws, tail really whippy but needs an inch to balance. Glossy jet black coat well mingled with paler and mid red, and sound to roots with short close texture. Name rather appropriate as she had a lot to say for herself. Excellently presented.

BOB – Meekings’ CH RANTIPOLE LAVENDER (OSH k) F 18/10/13

Oriental Bicolour Neuter

BOB – Allen’s GD CH & PR WICCANWAYS DIVA VON TEEZ (OSH h 03) FN 15/12/12. A stylish lady neuter. Stylish good head type, balanced and even with very good width between large flared ears that are set to follow.  Profile straight, chin lines up and the bite is level.  Oriental eye shape and set with deep bright green colour. Body long and elegant with long slender limbs and tail to almost balance. Very dark chocolate tortie coat – in fact my initial impression was black, but improved when out of the pen, with lots of mid red patching, white – with a little imagination, to just on the third and in all the correct places, with attractive even inverted “v” to face and continuous narrow line down the tummy, on neck and chest and some on all four limbs, excellent for length and texture. Very grumpy today, but excellently presented.

Balinese Adult

CC – Ross’ DIBBERPUSS FALMAI (BAL n 21) F 13/01/14. A big strong girl of overall good type.  Shorter slightly heavy wedge head with good top line and proportionate ears that were well furnished and set to follow. Basic eye shape okay but tends to hold a little full at times, colour  bright mid blue. Straight strong profile, deep chin and level bite. Body long weighty and well toned, strong boned limbs and large well tufted paws, tail almost balances. Very dark seal and boldly pencilled tabby markings with well defined scarab, cheek tracings and bracelets, several tail rings show when shaken out.  Coat fairly good for length, flows well and is very fine and silky in texture. Handled well and was excellently presented.

BOB – Browning’s CH PIPPASTRO SWEET DREAMS (BAL a 21) F 29/09/13. A mature and stylish Bali lady. Very good head type with excellent width between decent sized ears for this breed with long delicate furnishings and very well set. Excellent expression to eyes of deep blue. Straight profile and firm chin, bite a touch untidy and marginally under.   Elegant body type, very long and firm toned, long limbs and tail. Pale pastel blue tabby markings to points, good tail rings when shaken out, bluish grey pads and nose leather, some glacial tones to chest and tummy  with some light shading over back to tone.  Coat ideally could be a touch longer but has some flow and lies smoothly  over the shoulders and down the back, and the texture is excellent.  Lovely to handle and excellently presented.

Also considered – Meekings’ CH TREGONY GYLLYNG VASE (BAL k) F 27/04/14. Another  mature lady, of good overall type and style. Well balanced head of medium length, ears slightly flared and nicely furnished, size in proportion to the head and well set.  Eye shape set and colour good. Straight profile and firm chin, bite rather untidy and missing a couple of incisors but basically level. Tends to curl herself up, body length good when stretched out, medium length limbs and quite well furnished tail to balance.  Points somewhat ambiguous, she appears to be more blue than blue-based caramel as she is quite a good blue and lacks brownish overtones, I grant you some of the tortie mingling is quite warm in tone but the paw pads and nose leather are blue grey rather than the purple you expect to see with caramel. Coat has fairly good length and is soft and fine in texture. A shy but gentle lady excellently presented.

Ross’s  CH DIBBERPUSS SMARTIE (BAL f) F 13/01/14. A dear lady of good overall type. Short strong head with wide top line and good sized ears set to follow the lines of the wedge. Eyes rather full in shape and the  colour could ideally be deeper, but is bright in tone.  Profile almost straight, chin lines up and the bite is level.    Long weighty body, strong boned limbs and well tufted paws, tail to almost balance but could be better furnished. Excellent points colour, dark warm seal with rich red tortie mingling on all points, pale lightly shaded body colour to tone. Coat medium in length and flows nicely, texture beautifully silky and fine. A friendly girl excellently presented.


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