Mrs D Brown Lilac Point Critiques 2015

Mrs D Brown Lilac Point Critiques 2015

By Ross | Judges Critiques

Mrs D Brown Lilac Point Critiques 2015

Congratulations to Barbie and her team on excellent back to back to shows again  this year, and I had very pleasant day in the company of Mary Janicki who’s handling of the cats is second to none, thanks again Mary.

Siamese/Balinese Imperial Grand Premier

O – Edward’s IGDCH HEMLOCK ALFREDO FERRARI (OSH b 24) MN 05/01/14. A handsome male neuter with impressive size and overall style. Super head with excellent width to top line, and large very well flared ears set wide. Oriental shape and set to eyes with lovely expression and bright mid green colour. Straight strong profile with firm chin and level bite, marginal pinch to muzzle today. Long neck and a very long weighty and beautifully toned body, tapered tail to balance. Mid chocolate spotted pattern shows little agouti invasion but still has good clarity and the spots are sound with linkage to the  minimum.  Superb coat for length and texture, virtually no undercoat so it lies very sleek and close to body. Excellent temperament and presented to perfection.

R – Wroe’s  IMP GD PR & CH COSITA BRUNO TONIOLI (SIA a 21) MN 23/07/13. An old friend who treated me to his usual evil diatribe! Very stylish and well balanced overall with very good head type, a medium length inverted triangle with lovely top and large flyaway ears set to follow. Strong profile, firm chin lines up  with the nose tip and the bite   – of which I had several impromptu viewings, is level.  Wicked expression to eyes of excellent deep brilliant blue.  Well toned body of good length with long limbs and long balancing tail with multi tail rings. True blue tabby markings with well defined scarab, cheek tracings and paler leg bracelets, paw pads and nose leather greyish blue.  Short close coat shows some glacial tones to bib and tummy with light overall shading to body to tone and small darker areas over the flanks.  If only he wasn’t so cross all the time. Excellently presented.

Tabby Point Neuter

PC – Miller’s PASHTAN SNAGGLEPUSS (SIA b 21) MN 24/03/14. An endearing chap, perhaps lacking the oomph factor I like to see, but of overall good type. Medium length wedge, top of head could do with a tad more width with large ears a little close set.  Straight strong profile with broad nose, firm chin and level bite. Gentle expression to eyes of good shape and set, colour could have more depth but is acceptable and is nice and bright in tone.  Long body, well covered and well toned, long limbs and tapered tail to almost balance.  Darker chocolate tabby markings with well defined scarab, cheek ribbons and thumb prints, multi bracelets and tail rings. Excellent contrast to ivory coat with minimal shading to tone, very good for length and closeness of texture.  Excellent to handle and excellently presented.

BOB –  Wroe’s  IMP GD PR & CH COSITA BRUNO TONIOLI (SIA a 21) MN 23/07/13

Oriental Lilac Adult

BOB – Sharp-Popple’s GD CH DENSON WIGGINS (OSH c) M 09/09/13. Not the most masculine of chaps but of very good type overall  and he has some very good qualities. Medium length wedge with good top of head and fairly large ears that were open at the base and well set. Oriental eye shape and set  with gentle expression and the correct bright mid green not always seen in this breed these days. Almost straight profile and firm chin, bite rather untidy with several incisors missing and scissored over, slight pinch to muzzle. Long firm and well muscled body, long slender limbs, whip tail to almost balance. Pinkie toned mid lilac coat that was good for clarity and soundness, and the length and texture was excellent. Such a sweet tempered lad, very friendly and purred throughout. Excellently presented.

Oriental Classic or Mackerel Tabby Kitten

1st & BOB – Edwards’ HEMLOCK NEON JUNGLE (OSH em 22) M 10/03/15. A well grown kitten of very good type.  Longer wedge – perhaps  touch too long in the nose for true balance, but top of head very good and the ears are large, gently flared and set to follow.  Strong profile with firm chin and level bite.  Oriental eye shape and set, colour a slightly yellowish green.  Long really solid and firm toned body, long limbs but tail needs at least an inch. Super apricot colouring, excellent for richness and hotness of tone, “classic” tabby pattern reasonable and shows all the key elements to some extent. Head markings and necklaces good, butterfly a little solid in places, three spine lines evident but the sides ones a rather indistinct, oysters good, round complete and almost matching, with the pattern overall generally sound.  Super coat texture, short sleek and very close-lying.  Rather naughty with some extremely rude language, handled okay today but I hope he does not get any worse.  Excellently presented.



Chocolate Point Kitten (under 6 months)

1st – Hargan’s MAFDET MUNGO JERRY (SIA b) M 08/05/15. A very young babe of good type and style.  Medium length wedge with good top line and large open based ears set to balance. Eyes more oval in shape than oriental, but setting good, colour has good depth but could be more brilliant in tone. Baby dips to profile at present good chin and level bite. Solid little body of good length, long dainty limbs and dear little spoon paws, tail needs an inch and has a small indiscretion near the tip. Chocolate points a medium tone at  present although there is a somewhat darker line around the edge of the ear, colour reasonably warm in tone but with quite an amount of colour on the limbs already, which suggests he may very well end up quite dark. Unshaded coat with very good length and texture for a baby.  The sweetest of natures, a dear little person, excellently presented.

Chocolate Point Kitten (6-9 months)

1st & BOB – Fairclough’s MAFDET MENDOZA (SIA b) M 05/02/15. A promising kitten and very well grown for 6 months.  Stylish and well balanced medium length wedge with very good top of head and lovely large flyaway ears set wide.   Oriental eye shape and set, colour has good depth and brightness of tone. Straight profile, and firm chin, bite marginally scissored over and there is a small pinch to the muzzle at present. Long weighty and well toned body, long strong limbs and tapered tail to almost balance. Slightly dark but warm chocolate points, with that darker line around  the ear that suggests it will become darker still but was acceptable on the day, lots of colour on the front limbs to tone. Unshaded ivory coat which was short and close in texture. A friendly purry boy, excellently presented.

Caramel Point Neuter

BOB – Clayden’s GD PR MAFDET MISTER TITIAN (SIA m) MN 11/01/13. An elegant boy of very good type and style. He has taken his time to mature fully but is now a large strong boy. Very good head with super wide top-line  and very large well flared ears set wide. Oriental eye shape and set, perhaps held marginally wide but very good for depth of colour and brilliance of tone. Straight profile good firm chin and a level bite.  Long strong and weighty body with long elegant limbs, tapered tail needs an inch to balance. Dark blue-based caramel points with some brownish over-tones to ears and tail evident. Lovely coat texture, short close and sleek, albeit rather heavily shaded overall in brownish blue. Excellent temperament and presentation.

Foreign White Adult

BOB – Bauerfeind’s CH MICHANT MUSTAPHA (SIA w 67) F 08/08/14. This attractive queen appears to be quite dainty but is deceptively weighty for her size.  Longer wedge, top of head could be a tad wider for balance  – better when she relaxes, ears very large and set to follow the lines of the head. Expressive eyes with mid  blue colour. Tiny dip to nose, chin firm and bite level.  Long slender neck with a long weighty body that appears to have breakfasted well! long slender limbs, tail quite whippy and almost balances.  Well prepared pristine white coat that was sleek and very good for texture.  Very wriggly but not unfriendly, excellently presented.

Oriental Spotted Tabby Neuter

BOB – Edward’s IGDCH HEMLOCK ALFREDO FERRARI (OSH b 24) MN 05/01/14 (see LP report)


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