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My First Litter Of Kittens

By Ross | Readers Stories

Preparing for the Birth of my First Litter of Kittens Three years ago we bought our first Breeding Queen, she was beautiful, a chocolate point Siamese we called Mia. We had other cats at the time so we knew we had to find a room in our home for her for when the time came […]

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Moving Abroad With Cats

By Ross | Owners Advice

Moving Abroad With Cats Moving house is stressful enough, but moving to a different country adds a whole new level of unknowns and uncertainty – especially if you’re taking your cat with you. About fifteen years ago, my family and I moved to Norway – with two adults, two children and two cats, we were […]

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Cat Expecting Kittens

By Ross | Cat Breeding

So your cat is expecting kittens article was written with the intention of sharing my own experiences in the hope it may help you when preparing for your cat giving birth. This might sound obvious but make sure you know when your kittens are due and ensure you can be around when the kittens are born […]

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Cat Nutrition

By Tina Mullineaux | Nutrition

Feeding your cat a healthy diet. There is a wide range of options when it comes to feeding your cats. Diet is very important in keeping your cats healthy and in tip top condition. As a breeder of Siamese and oriental cats I take this subject very seriously, as healthy, happy cats are far more […]

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