Siamese Cats - an Introduction to Siamese Cats

Siamese Cats 101

Siamese cats are the most intelligent breed of cat you are ever likely to meet. They are lithe, graceful and have the most amazing personalities. I have so much to tell you about these wonderful cats I can't possibly fit it all on one page. 

Choose from any of the articles below and start to get to know this wonderful breed.​

Owners Handbook
Owning Siamese cats is a fantastic experience. But is also a huge responsibility. Understanding your cat and being able to respond their[...]
Breeders Handbook
If you are already a Siamese cat breeder or maybe you are thinking of becoming one then this resource should[...]
Introduction to Siamese Cats
Siamese cats are a wonderful breed of cat and are one of the most popular pedigree cats in the UK.[...]
History of Siamese Cats
The history of Siamese cats and the myths and tales about Siamese cats are interesting and in some ways help[...]
Siamese Cat Picture Gallery
Siamese Cats Of Distinction Our Siamese cat gallery below is a selection of Siamese pictures of many fantastic Siamese cats[...]
Siamese Cat Breed Profile
The Siamese breed profile covers general breed description and then dives a little deeper into each of the individual colours[...]