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Siamese Cat Breed Profile

Siamese Cat Breed Profile

Siamese Cat Breed Profile

The Siamese cat breed profile is best described with a general description about Siamese cats.

To follow this it seemed useful to also include pictures of all the different colours and patterns of Siamese cats, a Siamese breed gallery if you prefer.

Siamese Cat Description

Siamese cats come in many different colours and patterns. All have blue eyes and are pointed which means they have colour on the extremities of the body. i.e tail, legs, face and ears. Some also have tabby or tortie markings as well. The rest of the body is cream or off white and may develop some tonal shading as the cat gets older. Tonal shading is usually more obvious in the darker colours such as seal and chocolate points.

Siamese cats are very intelligent and are often referred to as being very dog like. Siamese cats can be trained to play fetch and also respond well to clicker training. Siamese cats have been described as nasty and highly strung. This is not true and probably derives from the film Lady and the Tramp.

Siamese Cat Breed Profile by Colour and Pattern

Below is a gallery of Siamese cats for all the different colours and patterns. You can visit the individual pages for each of the colours and patterns by using the blue buttons underneath the individual photos. These pages include a description of each colour and pattern with pictures and the breed and colour profiles in detail.

For your convenience we have added the G.C.C.F breed numbers and also the F.I.F.E EMS codes which denote the colour and pattern of each of the different cats. T.I.C.A do not use breed numbers.

We are very grateful to the photographers and owners of the cats below for allowing us to use these photographs. The cats below are a cross section of cats that have been selected from photo albums of cats over the last thirty years. Many of the Siamese cats below are behind the show winners of today.

Siamese Colours and Breed Numbers

Remember you can read the individual Siamese cat breed profile by using the links under each photo below. Each page also includes the G.C.C.F standard of points for their colour and pattern. These should be read in conjunction with the ‘General Siamese Type Standard’ and the ‘Standard List of Withholding Faults’ which can be found on the Siamese Standard of Points page.

Click buttons for more information and photos about individual Siamese colours.

Seal Point Siamese Cats
Seal point Siamese cats introduced by GCCF Siamese cat judge, Mrs N Farnsworth. When Siamese cats were introduced to this[...]
Chocolate Point Siamese Cats
Chocolate point Siamese cats introduced by GCCF Siamese Judge, Mrs J Starr. The  Chocolate point  Siamese  cats are  one  of [...]
Blue Point Siamese Cats
Blue point Siamese cats introduced by GCCF Siamese judge, and well know Siamese cat breeder Mrs J Pounds of Jomese[...]
Lilac Point Siamese Cats
The Lilac point Siamese cats breed profile was contributed written by Di Brown of Firousi Siamese, Di Brown is a[...]
Cinnamon Point Siamese Cats
Cinnamon point Siamese cats introduced by GCCF Siamese Judge, Mrs J Starr. Cinnamon point Siamese cats are one of the[...]
Fawn Point Siamese Cats
Fawn point Siamese cats introduced by GCCF Siamese judge, Mrs J Starr. Fawn point Siamese cats are a relatively new[...]
Caramel Point Siamese Cats
Caramel point Siamese cats breed profile written by Di Brown of Firousi Siamese, Di Brown is a GCCF Siamese cat[...]
Red Point Siamese Cats
Introducing red point Siamese cats. G.C.C.F Old Breed No - 32a   New EMS Code - SIA d Red Point Siamese Cats[...]
Tortie Point Siamese Cats
Tortie point Siamese cats, an article by Joan Pounds. Joan is a GCCF Siamese Judge and also breeds her cats[...]
Apricot Point Siamese Cats
An overview of apricot point Siamese cats. An apricot is a cream which has at least one set of the[...]
Tabby Point Siamese Cats
If you have any photos of tabby point Siamese cats or kitten then we would love to include them on[...]

The Siamese breed profile covers general breed description and then dives a little deeper into each of the individual colours and patterns. Many thanks for the individual colour profiles that were contributed by various GCCF Siamese Judges.