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Siamese Pedigree Database

By Ross | Cat Breeding

Siamese Pedigree Database

Siamese Pedigree Database

The Siamese pedigree database is free of charge to anyone interested in tracing pedigrees of Siamese and Oriental cats. The database goes right back to the early foundation Siamese cats of the 1890’s.

Online Siamese Pedigree Database – This service is free of charge.

The database also includes Balinese, Oriental and Oriental Longhairs. Please feel free to contact us if you wish to contribute to our growing database..

Expand the Siamese Pedigree Database

Can you help expand our Siamese pedigree database? Do you have an existing database with Breeders Assistant or Animal2000? Perhaps you have a bespoke database? We can add your cats today!!! Maybe you have pedigrees that you can scan and send into Siamese Cat Breeder??

Contact us today who will talk you through the easy process. It will only take a few minutes to save your database and email it over!!!

Click Here for – Step by step instructions for saving and sending a copy of your Breeders Assistant Pedigree Database to Siamese Cat Breeder.

For those that don’t use pedigree software have you seen our article on how to make a cats pedigree?

A Few Tips

Below are a few tips on things you should be considering when breeding Siamese cats. Researching pedigrees will help. Keep in mind the tips below and they will enable you get the most out of your pedigree research.

Study Your Siamese Pedigrees

By studying your Siamese pedigrees you will begin to learn what is behind your cats both good and bad. With experience you will also learn which pedigrees work together and which do not. Two fantastic cats mated together do not always produce show winning cats. Look at your pedigrees and also look at the cats. Matching pedigrees alone do not make a good cat breeder.

Red Pedigrees

Another word of advice! Some novice breeders make the mistake of judging a Siamese pedigrees worth by how much red is on the pedigree. A mostly red pedigree indicates that many of the cats on the pedigree were of at least champion status. This is nice but is not the be all and end all. Far better to judge a cat by looking at it yourself when possible. If this is not an option then look at how their descendants have developed.

Health and Temperament vs Show Type

Is it more important to breed for health and temperament or should we be breeding for excellent show type? Of course they are all important but the most important has to be health and temperament. There is no point in having a stunning show cat if it does not live long or has a bad temperament. Poor health and temperament are to the detriment of the breed. Poor show type is only bad for the breed if the pet quality cats are used for breeding. The ideal of course is a cat that produces healthy, show quality kittens with excellent temperaments. These are the cats we should be breeding from and including in our pedigrees.


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