Caramel & Apricot Siamese Results 2017

Caramel & Apricot Siamese Results 2017

By Ross | Siamese Cat Show Results

Caramel & Apricot Siamese Results 2017

Marilljos Boss in Motion

Male Adult – Whalleybush Wishfulthinkin

Female Adult – CH Pashtan Vavavoom

Male Kitten – Marilljos Boss In Motion

Female Kitten – N/A

Male Neuter – GR PR Atariq Royal Appointment

Female Neuter – Kamik Krimson-Kween

Imperial Classes

Imperial Siamese/Balinese Adult – Ross Davies

1st – IMP W/H – GRCH Ridestar Loreal Lloyd

Grand Classes

Grand Champion Siamese/Balinese Adult 24 Ross Davies

GR – CH Pashtan Violetta

Grand Champion Siamese/Balinese Adult 32 Ross Davies

GR – CH CH Pashtan Vavavoom

2nd – Res W/H – CH Tregony Gyllying Vase

Balinese Adult – Ross Davies

BOB – GRCH Ridestar Loreal Lloyd

Seal Point Adult – Brenda Pearce


1st – CC W/H – Sisar Luther

Chocolate Adult – Di Brown


BOB – IGRC Mafdet Mendoza


1st CC BOX – Bryher Xhosa

Lilac Adult – Di Brown


1st – CC W/H – Willowreach Islay Maya

Caramel Adult – Ross Davies


1CC BOX – Whalleybush Wishfulthinkin


BOB – CH Pashtan Violetta

Tortie Adult – Ross Davies

1CC – Shermese Opium

BOB – CH Pashtan Vavavoom

Tabby Point Kitten – Lynne Studer


1st BOB – Marilljos Boss in Motion

Imperial Siamese/Balinese Neuter – Lynne Studer

Imperial – GRPR Atariq Royal Appointment

Grand Premier Siamese/Balinese 24 – Jenny Jones


GR – PR Lemental Hermia

Grand Premier Siamese/Balinese 32 – Jenny Jones


GR – IGCH & PR Whalleybush Stargazer


GR – PR Adiftam Alexis Dream Rose

Balinese Neuter – Lynne Studer

BOB – PR Lemental Hermia

Seal Neuter – Jenny Jones

1PC BOB – Kamik Seal with a Kiss

Tabby Point Neuter – Ross Davies


1PC – Alexsiam Opulence

2nd – Hartzie Hugo

BOB – GR PR Atariq Royal Appointment


BOX – PR Adiftam Alexis Dream Rose

Red Point Neuter – Brenda Pearce


1PC BOB – Kamik Krimson Kween


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