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Siamese Stud Cats

Please feel free to browse our list of Siamese stud cat adverts that can be found via the button below. Before you do though please take a look at the advice given under the ‘Choosing Siamese Stud Cats’ section below.

Stud Cat Adverts

Siamese Stud Cats

Siamese Stud Cats

We are happy to advertise all Siamese stud cats that are in good health and that are registered for breeding. We try to keep our extensive stud cat directory up to date and welcome new submissions.

Choosing Siamese Stud Cats

So you have decided to take your girl to stud, so how do you decide between all the various Siamese stud cats?

Well there is not right or wrong to this and it is really up to each individual breeder. Breed for the type you like, the colour and pattern you want and keep in mind you should be aiming to produce cats and kittens that meet the breed standard. Never forget that you must always breed away from known health issues and that breeding healthy kittens with good temperaments should be your number on goal.

What to Expect Going into Stud

If you are using someone else’s Siamese stud cats then you should reasonably expect the following –

  • All Siamese stud cats must be registered with an appropriate registering body such as G.C.C.F, T.I.C.A or F.B as a breeding cat, equally the same applies to your queen.
  • It is not unusual for a stud owner to ask that no male progeny be registered for breeding but occasionally other restrictions may also be agreed. Any restrictions should be agreed before the cats even meet.
  • The stud cat should be in good health and free from parasites (fleas, worms, mites, ticks etc) and be in possession of a recent FeLV/FIV negative test result. Again the same applies to your queen.
  • Your queen should have separate quarters in the stud house enabling her to acclimatise herself to her new surroundings and also to facilitate resting periods for both her and the stud.
  • After matings over a 48hr period have been witnessed, on collecting your queen you should receive a mating certificate (example mating certificate) and a copy of the studs pedigree including registration numbers.
  • If your queen does not get pregnant after her first visit to stud then most stud owners will usually accept your girl back on her next call for a free repeat mating.

It is also likely that a stud owner will ask you to clip your girls front and back claws and if any special dietary requirements or cat litter are needed for your queen then they are provided by yourself. Have you seen our article on cats in season?

Advertising Siamese Stud Cats

Advertise your Siamese stud cats quickly and easily on Siamese Cat Breeder. You will be able to advertise your Siamese stud cats including all relevant details. You can include up to six Siamese stud cat pictures. You will also be able to add a link to your breeders website. We advise you include at least the following in your advert.

  • Your location.
  • The colour and pattern of your boy. Plus colours carried if known.
  • Your contact details.
  • Any requirements or restrictions you place on the matings.

Advertising on Siamese Cat Breeder is a free service though we do offer featured listings at a very small fee which helps support the running costs of this site.

Further Information on Siamese Stud Cats

We touched briefly at the top of this page on some of the most important principles when choosing Siamese stud cats to take your breeding girls to. Of course their is a lot more to choosing a stud cat and you will find articles on this very subject here on Siamese Cat Breeder.