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Siamese Cat Breeder is a website about Siamese cats and kittens. We like to think we are the specialist website for Siamese cats.

We advertise Siamese kittens and publish articles about cat breeding and cats. 

If you are looking for information about Siamese cats and kittens then you have come to the right place. This website includes Siamese breed profiles and photographs of both Siamese cats and Siamese kittens.

Siamese cats and kittens

We operate the largest UK directory for Siamese kittens and cat breeders. We also have an extensive library of articles helpful to anyone who owns or breeds cats.

Siamese Cat Breeder is not just an online directory for Siamese cats and kittens, it is much more! Our team of writers and reporters are all Siamese cat breeders, judges and cat lovers. They have a wealth of experience that they are happy to share.

Website About Siamese Cats and Kittens

We are the number one Siamese cat website. We cater to cat lovers, breeders and exhibitors. Whatever part of the ‘cat fancy’ you are from we are sure that you will become a regular visitor to Siamese Cat Breeder.

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We are happy to help you find a Siamese kitten. We have up to date adverts on Siamese kittens for sale. For our cat breeders we have a free directory service and we also have a stud cat list. Siamese Cat Breeder will also help you with the following.

Lilac Point Siamese Kittens

Lilac Point Siamese Kittens

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Siamese Cat and Kitten Advice

In addition to the directory and show results services we also have lots of articles all about Siamese cats and kittens. We believe that Siamese cat breeders, exhibitors and pet owners will all find them useful.

We include a wealth of information all about Siamese cats and kittens. You can find Siamese breed galleries that have pictures of all the different colours of Siamese cats. We have articles on the history and the origins of Siamese cats. We also include the Siamese breed descriptions and breed standards.

General Cat Advice

Some of the topics written about are aimed more towards Siamese cat lovers in general rather than just Siamese cat breeders. The cat advice articles include subjects such as cat health, cat nutrition and cats toys plus much more. Of course these are equally relevant to all different breeds of cats and not just Siamese cats and kittens.

Advice for Siamese Cat Breeders

We also like to write about areas of interest to Siamese cat breeders. These include feline reproduction, Siamese cat colour genetics and general advice on breeding Siamese cats. We also include Siamese colour charts, breed numbers and also the Siamese standard of points. These are just a few examples of the type of cat breeder related articles we include.

Check Out Some Of Our Siamese Cat Articles

Cleaning cat pee can be a challenging task, especially if you don’t know where to start. First, you’ll need to identify the source, which might involve a visual inspection or using a black light. Once you locate the spot, it’s important to blot the area immediately with an old towel, but avoid rubbing to prevent the urine from . . .

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When it comes to your cats behaviour, understanding the nuances between cat spray and cat pee is essential. While both involve the release of urine, the motivations behind each are distinct. Cat spray serves as a form of communication and territorial marking, while cat pee is primarily for elimination. By recognising the subtle differences in their purpose and execution, you can . . .

What Is the Difference Between Cat Spray and Cat Pee

A question often asked by people learning about Siamese cats is do Siamese cats get along with other cats? When it comes to feline friendships, Siamese cats are quite the social butterflies. These outgoing and chatty kitties have a knack for getting along with other cat breeds. But introducing a Siamese cat to a new furry . . .

Do Siamese Cats Get Along With Other Cats?

Are Siamese cats hypoallergenic is a question often asked my pet allergy sufferers when considering buying a Siamese kitten. As someone who has a child that suffers from allergies, I understand the challenges of finding a cat that won’t trigger those bothersome symptoms. Did you know that cat allergies are caused by an immune system overreaction . . .

Are Siamese Cats Hypoallergenic?

Well, isn’t it quite the sight to see a Siamese cat and a dog getting along like old pals? You might be wondering, ‘Are Siamese cats good with dogs?’ As someone who’s had the pleasure of experiencing this unique relationship firsthand, let me tell you, it’s a match made in heaven.In this article, I’ll dive . . .

Are Siamese Cats Good With Dogs?

So you have decided to become a cat breeder. You love cats. Especially kittens. How wonderful it would be to have the odd litter of kittens now and again. Unlike with children you can even sell your kittens as they get older. You get to play with the kittens while they are really cute. Then sell them on to . . .

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Siamese and Oriental Cat Lovers

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