Siamese Cat Breeders

Siamese Cat Breeders

If you are trying to find an Siamese cat breeder then please feel free to check our cat breeder adverts below. Before you do though take a look at the ‘Finding Siamese Cat Breeders‘ section further dow the page and see tips on how to find a reputable cat breeder.  If you wish to advertise as a Siamese Cat Breeder then you can do so here.

by Janice Keightley

Hi my name is Jan Keightley and I am a breeder of Siamese and Orientals living in Paignton, Devon.   I have been breeding for many, many years and my prefix is registered with the GCCF.  I pride myself that our kittens are well socialised and are used to the usual...

 Siamese Cat Breeders /  South West / 100 views / Featured

by Paula Hargan

Our names are Paula and Lesley. Our Prefix is Whalleybush which we first acquired in 1975. Our passion for Siamese cats has just grown stronger over the years. We love to show our cats at GCCF shows, all our babies are part of our family and very much beloved pets...

 Siamese Cat Breeders /  England / 192 views / Featured

by Ross Davies

My name is Ross and I am a breeder of Oriental and Siamese cats and kittens based in Fareham, Hampshire. My cattery name is registered with the GCCF so all my kittens will carry my GCCF registered prefix Burnthwaites. My aim as a cat breeder is to breed cats and...

 Siamese Cat Breeders /  South East / 163 views / Featured

by Yvonne Sibley

Hello my name is Yvonne Sibley, and my beautiful Siamese cats and I live in the charming coastal town of Emsworth in Hampshire. I have admired this fabulous breed ever since I can remember, but I didn’t own my first one until 2005 when I was fortunate enough to purchase...

 Siamese Cat Breeders /  South East / 151 views

by Sharon

We are Sharon and Chris, hobby breeders of Siamese and Oriental cats and kittens. Based in the heart of Lancashire nestled in at the base of the Pennines, we have been breeding quality Siamese and Oriental kittens for approximately 15 years and held our GCCF prefix since 2012 We have...

 Siamese Cat Breeders /  North West / 153 views

Finding Siamese Cat Breeders

When looking for a Siamese cat or kitten to join your family it is sometimes better to contact Siamese cat breeders and join their waiting list rather than scour kitten adverts looking for the advert that meets all of your criteria.

When choosing a cat breeder you of course want to try and ensure that they are a caring, reputable breeder whose goal is to produce healthy kittens with good temperaments. Please see our top ten questions for choosing a Siamese cat breeder that any reputable breeder should be happy to answer, this should be a good start in helping you decide on your chosen breeder.

Advertising for Siamese Cat Breeders

Advertise your Siamese cat breeders listing quickly and easily on Siamese Cat Breeder. You will be able to advertise your breeders listing including all relevant details. You can include up to six Siamese cat and kitten pictures. You will also be able to add a link to your breeders website or Facebook page. We advise you include at least the following in your advert.

  • Your prefix.
  • Your location (but do not include your full address).
  • Contact details.
  • A quick mission statement.

We charge an annual fee of £4.95 to advertise your cattery listing.

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