There are many people who make beautiful cat show drapes which they have for sale. But often they can be expensive.

If you want to save money or just fancy having a go at making a basic set of drapes yourself then keep reading. I have put together step by step instructions on making your own cat show curtains including all the measurements and materials you will need.

Let me show you how to make your own cat show drapes for the Supreme or indeed any other show that allows the use of your own cat show curtains. Without breaking the bank!

Make Your Own Cat Show Drapes: Step by Step Instructions

You should be able to buy everything you need including wires, hooks and foam at your local fabric shop. It is a good idea when choosing your fabric to think about a colour that will compliment your cat. Don't forget to check if you can wash and iron the fabric to.

Click here to download your shopping list that includes all sizes and materials needed to make your own cat show drapes.





Double Show Pen

The Front Curtains & Tie Backs

The pelmet requires 8ft of fabric to give a gathered finish must have a fold at the top big enough to slide the wire through. The drop I used was approximately 6 to 8 inches. Curtains must be 2ft long by however much you want to cover the front of the pen; I used 18 inches for each curtain. The curtains attach to the back of the pelmet at the top under the wire loop to make one piece. The tie backs are just long pieces of the same fabric hemmed. All pieces to be individually hemmed.

One side of front curtains (Laid out flat)

Front curtains (laid out flat but with middle folded in so will fit in photo)

Front curtains (gathered fronts as they will appear on your pen)

Tie backs

The Back Curtain

To be 2ft drop when hemmed by 8ft wide to give a gathered finish. Again needs a loop at the top big enough to fit the wire through.

Back curtain laid flat

The Side Curtains

2ft Drop when hemmed again a loop at the top for the wire to pass through, 4ft length to give a gathered finish.

Side Curtain 1

Side Curtain 2

Side curtains laid flat with no wires in place.

Wires attached

Foam Base if Required

To cover make an open ended pillowcase so you can remove for washing. Just fold fabric over and sow down 2 sides

Hanging Your Cat Show Drapes

To hang your drapes you will need curtain wire which you can buy at most fabric shops. You will need 2x 4ft lengths and 2x 2ft lengths with a hook at each end. When you buy the hooks you often get a loop and a hook in the set, just discard the loops as you will not need them. The hooks simply screw into the end of the wire.

To attach the drapes to the pen just hook the hooks over the wire bars of the cage.

Net curtain hook and wire

Wire being inserted

Gather the curtain as you insert the wire

Wire in place with curtains gathered

To store just fold up and put away when clean. You can also shop about for accessories such as beds, bowls and litter trays to finish off the look of your pen.


Other accessories

Get Your Free Shopping List

Get your printable shopping list for all your materials, measurements and curtain wires etc.

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