Caramel Point Siamese Cats

Caramel Point Siamese Cats

Caramel point Siamese cats breed profile written by Di Brown of Firousi Siamese, Di Brown is a GCCF Siamese cat judge.

Caramel Point Siamese Cats
Di Brown

Caramel Point Siamese are the newcomers, being only accepted as a separate colour in the last decade or so. It is believed that the colour is the result of the dilute modifier gene that was probably introduced into the gene-pool when Tabby points were being developed. There are two distinct colours of caramel, blue-based and lilac-based, (there is also fawn-based but that is very similar to lilac). It is a colour that develops, so that kittens can be born looking like lilac points or blue points but as they age they develop a brownish overtone that sets them apart from lilac points  & blue points by the time they are mature adults.

Caramel Point Siamese have lilac, in the case of lilac-based caramel, or dark blue in the case of blue-based caramel, with a brownish over-tone, on the face, ears, legs and tail. It is an interesting colour in that it has the effect of “bringing out” slight tabby markings on the head, and in certain lights can show an almost metallic effect. The blue eye colour also develops and intensifies as the cat matures.  The body colour is an off-white and has a tendency to develop shading to match the points colour as the cat ages, particularly in the case of the blue-based caramel points, which usually end up lacking the good contrast you like to see between points and body colour.

G.C.C.F Old Breed No – 24n   

New EMS Code – SIA m

Caramel Point Siamese Cats GCCF Standard of Points

Caramel Point Siamese Cat
Mafdet Shadesofgrey

Eyes – Brilliant intense blue, the deeper the better.

Points – Dark brownish blue (in blue based), brownish grey (in lilac/fawn based), matching on all points though the legs may be slightly paler in tone than the other points.

Body – Off white. Shading, if any, to tone with the points.

Nose Leather, Eye Rims and Paw Pads – Brownish purple (in blue based) or pinkish grey (in lilac/fawn based).

Withhold Certificates or First Prizes in Kitten Open Classes for:

1 Pale and/or dull eye colour

2 Points not matching in colour

3 General Siamese withholding faults

Caramel Point Cats and FIFE

A Caramel is a Blue, Lilac or Fawn cat that has at least one copy of the Dilute Modifier Gene that modifies the colours into Caramel. You may here Caramels referred to as Blue, Lilac or Fawn based Caramels.

Caramel is not recognised with FIFE so the breed number would be dependent on if the cat was a Blue, Lilac or Fawn based Caramel. EMS Codes also bear an x (unrecognised colour) before the letter denoting the colour a (Blue), c (Lilac) or p (Fawn) and an m (caramel) after the letter denoting the colour to denote the fact that GCCF recognise them as Caramel.

FIFE EMS Code – SIA xam, SIA xcm or SIA xpm

Pictures of Caramel Point Siamese Cats

If you have any photos of caramel point Siamese cats or kitten then we would love to include them on the Siamese Cat Breeder website. Please submit them using the form at the bottom of this page.

Caramel Point Siamese Kitten Pictures

Siamese Cat Breeder are very interested in adding pictures of caramel point Siamese kittens at the various stages of early development. We believe this will help novice breeders identify the colour of their kittens easily. If you can help we would love to hear from you.

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