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Who Can Look After My Cat

By Ross | Owners Advice

Who can look after my cat is an article looking at who do we trust to look after our cats when we have to go away from home.

Who Can Look After My Cat

Of all pets that people keep, perhaps the cat stands out as a unique, friendly, loving and affectionate companion. They are sensitive to their environment. When it comes to “personal hygiene” they are so scrupulous that human beings come a distant second to their sense of cleanliness. Even without the power of speech, these amazing creatures have a playful demeanor that is so refreshing and heartwarming. Looking at one, you might be struck by their mysterious nature for which they take great pleasure when they want to keep their distance.

Since you love your cat, you already know that the above qualities make them invaluable companions, and so parting from them for any length of time can be a trying experience just like being away from your loved ones. But this is inevitable once in a while when circumstances might compel you to be away from home for an extended period of time. This would mean you have to make alternative arrangements for your furry friend when you are going to be away.

Who Can Look After My Cat While I am Away?

And this is where the anxiety begins – worrying about where, how and who will take care of your cat in your absence. There are various options open to you, but some might not be palatable at all. For instance, you could ask your neighbour or friends to take care of the cat while you are away, but how sure can you be that they will give her/him the same kind of care that you do? Some of us are not pet-friendly or simply have no idea about how to take care of pets. Your friend might be hurt when you are gone. So you will want to be absolutely sure that proper care and attention will be lavished on him/her.

Pet Sitter in Your Own Home

Another alternative is to have a pet sitter come to your place. Your friend might be safe and happy at home, how about the rest of the things in your house? Some pet sitters are known to snoop around and that might compromise your privacy. Even neighbours popping in to check on your friend could be tempted to do more than that – catch my drift?

Cat Boarding

This brings to mind the pet boarding facilities. There are quite a number of pet hotels that offer pet care services, but not all of them are as good as you might want. And cats being sensitive, introducing them to a new environment can cause them a lot of stress. This means that taking your cat into a new home can be a scary experience both for your friend and you.

But that should not be the case because there are deluxe pet boarding facilities that provide exceptional five star care to small pets. Such facilities are managed by people who understand that pets need as much love and attention as human beings do. The kind of accommodation provided is first class with rooms that have nice views of gardens, an exercise area and heated or air-conditioned indoor areas that are safe and warm.

Since cats love privacy and are not quick to make friends with strangers, good pet hotels go the extra mile to provide enclosures to ensure that each guest enjoys unlimited freedom. Choosing the right boarding can actually let you have a great vacation and remain assured that your pet is safe and well taken care of.

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