Choose Between Cat Sitters or Boarding Cattery

Cat Sitters
Cat Sitters

When venturing off on your holidays, the thought of who’s going to look after your feline friend can become a bit of a worry, especially if you’re going for a reasonably long length of time. The obvious choices are employing the services of a friendly neighbour or friend to be on hand to feed and water, or alternatively a boarding cattery. When choosing between the two, the main considerations to take into account are costs and more importantly, the treatment and care of your four-legged friend.

Although the majority of cats are largely independent, when you know you’ll be leaving them for a reasonably long length of time for a holiday, it’s really important your cat still receives the care and attention it has become accustomed to. The best way to ensure this is to leave your cat in the capable hands of a cattery and boarding service, where kitty carers have specific skills and experience to nurture your furry feline friend.

Benefits of Boarding Cattery

Boarding Cattery
Boarding Cattery

There are a number of factors that make opting for cat boarding as oppose to electing a home visitor well worth your money. Giving you the ultimate peace of mind that your cat is having a healthy and happy time in a safe environment allows you to enjoy your travels being worry free about your cat.


The main difference between cat boarding and home care is that your cat can be under close supervision to ensure it’s both healthy and happy for the duration of its stay. Should your cat encounter any problems or become unhappy, the trained staff will undoubtedly be on hand and ready to assist your furry friend and offer it the care and attention it requires.

Health Checks

This brings us on to the health and well-being of your pet. A great deal of boarding facilities offer daily health checks as part of their service, making sure that your cat is kept comfortable at all times, and any existing medical conditions are closely observed. Unlike home care, any required medication can be administered correctly by trained staff at regular intervals to ensure your cat receives the dosage and care it requires.

Even if your cat doesn’t have an existing medical condition, daily health checks of teeth, skin, fur and eyes are of course going to be incredibly beneficial for your four-legged friend.


One aspect your cat is sure to miss whilst you’re away is some tender loving care. Although asking a neighbour or friend to pop over and feed your feline friend may be easy and affordable, it’s unlikely they’ll get the love and affection they will undoubtedly crave in your absence. In a cattery and boarding facility however, you can be sure that your furry four-legged friend will receive the attention it needs to remain happy whilst you’re out of sight.

A good cattery and boarding facility will offer all of the above benefits at a reasonable price. It’s important to find an environment in which your cat can feel comfortable and at-home. Remember to take along your cats favourite toys to keep it engaged should it start getting a restless. A good boarding facility will also offer scratching posts and other familiar furnishings to ensure your cat is kept amused for the duration of its stay.

You can get your cat used to the idea of visiting the cattery with regular visits and taster days, just to ensure your feline friend begins to get used to its surroundings. Pre-arranged appointments are a great way of familiarising yourself with the environment and ensuring you find the right cattery to give your pet their very own holiday.

From the Latest Mews Editor – I think after reading this article you will agree that it is a case of different strokes for different folks. If you are going away for a couple of days and you have a neighbour or friend who can pop in and sort the litter trays and cat food and water out then you should be fine. However if you have a cat that needs medication or is geriatric then it could be a bit too much for a well meaning neighbour to take on. So what do you think Cat Sitters or Boarding Cattery?

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