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Overweight Cat – How to Exercise Your Cat

By Ross | Health

Overweight Cat

An overweight cat is an unhealthy cat and as a responsible pet owner it is your job to help control your cats weight with a healthy diet and with exercise. Not everyone is comfortable with allowing their cats outside and deciding between indoor or outdoor for your cats is something you must decide for yourself. In the event you decide to keep your cat as an indoor cat then you will need to find some ways to keep your indoor cat happy and also keep your cat exercised.

Is Your Cat Overweight? Try These 10 Exercise Tips for Cats!

overweight cat

Ways to Exercise a Cat

A healthy, slim cat should have an actual waist. You can see a waist between the end of the rib cage and just above the hips. There should be a narrower point in that area.

When the abdomen is round, however, and ribs cannot be felt when running your fingers over them, the cat won’t have a waist and he won’t have a shape. This is detrimental to him, and he is disposed to all types of diseases, like arthritis, cancer, diabetes and fatty liver disease.

Begin to turn his life around in a better direction by examining the food you feed your cat and when you feed it. Give him three or preferable four small portions throughout the day.

Make sure that the food you provide has high-quality ingredients. Cats need protein and some fat. They are not carbohydrate eaters. Feeding the wrong diet will result in an overweight cat.

Food changes alone are not enough. Your cat needs to move! He needs to be able to jump and run like a champ. This is what gets the heart pumping, blood circulating and keeps the muscles from becoming smaller and shorter.

Giving a cat exercise isn’t rocket science. There are incredibly easy ways you can encourage your cat to get up and move. The folks at Pets Adviser have put together this handy chart of 10 exercise tips for cats. Print it out, keep it in a handy place and remember to get your cat moving regularly.

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