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Showing Your Cat

By Kate Burrows | Cat Shows

Showing your cat is something you may want to do at some point. It can be an excellent hobby and a great way to meet people that share your passion for cats. Going to cat shows is something that is recommended for anyone who wants to breed cats. How can you breed cats to the breed standard if you don’t see cats other than your own!

For the purpose of this article I have used the example of Siamese cats as this is my own breed. When showing your cat the procedure is of course the same for all breeds of cat with the only difference being how you groom your cat before the show.

Preparing your Siamese Cat for a Cat Show.

Showing Your Cat

Showing Your Cat

When showing your cat not only do you need to have the correct equipment for the show but you also need to make sure your cat or kitten is prepared before the show. This article will hopefully aid novice cat show exhibitors to prepare for a cat show. In doing so it will make the introduction to showing your cat a fantastic experience.

The correct Show Equipment when penning your cat is essential. Currently there are three registries that licence cat shows in the UK. Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (G.C.C.F), The International Cat Association (T.I.C.A) and Felis Britannica (F.B).

With GCCF you will need the following cat show equipment.

  • White Litter Tray and White Cat Litter.
  • White Water Bowl
  • White Food Bowl
  • Cat Food
  • White Blankets
  • Cat Carrier (any colour).
  • Inoculation Card

A grooming glove is useful for any last minute preparation as are unscented baby wipes and cat litter shovel and empty plastic bags.

When showing your cat the equipment needed at a G.C.C.F show is virtually the same as T.I.C.A and F.B. However all items must be white with no identifiable markings. Showing your cat at a G.C.C.F cat show, all the cats are judged at their pens. This means all the pens must look the same to ensure anonymity of the exhibits. You can buy a full set of GCCF compliant cat show equipment here, it costs in the region of £20. Remember that at G.C.C.F no food or toys are allowed in the pens until all breed classes are judged in the morning. Though you must of course leave water in the pens at all times. Cat pens are provided by the cat club holding the show.

With T.I.C.A and F.B you will need the following show equipment.

  • Litter Tray and Cat Litter.
  • Water Bowl
  • Food Bowl
  • Cat Food
  • Blankets/Bed
  • Cat Carrier
  • Inoculation Card

A grooming glove is useful for any last minute preparation as are unscented baby wipes and cat litter shovel and empty plastic bags.

All these items can be any shape, colour or size and you basically use whatever makes your cat happy by using items from home. There is no need to buy special equipment for showing your cat though some people like to. Judging takes place away from the cats pen. In fact the judges do not even see the cats in their pens so this is why you do not have to protect your cats anonymity in their pen. Remember that all these items ‘and your cat’ need to be able to fit in the pen which may be a single (2″ x 2″x 2″) or double (4″ wide x 2″ x 2″) depending on the size you have requested. You may also find it useful to fetch a familiar toy from home to help settle your cat in the pen. Cat pens can be provided by the cat club holding the show or you can invest in your own pen if you wish, dimensions being 4” wide x 2” deep x 2” high. Please check with the show manager to the suitability of your cat show pen.

Grooming Your Siamese Cat in Preparation for Showing Your Cat

When preparing your Siamese cat for a cat show remember first and foremost that a cat show is in fact a beauty contest for cats. Care must be taken to present your cat in tip top condition which begins with feeding your cat on a nutritious balanced diet which will promote health and vitality in your cat. This believe it or not makes grooming and show preparation so much easier as your cat is already looking their best and hopefully is well muscled, not shedding excessive coat and already has a real shine to their coat.

  1. Clip all your cats claws and not just the front ones, see article on how to clip a cats claws.
  2. Clean your cats ears ensuring there is no ear wax visible, do not poke anything down your cat ears though.
  3. Ensure your cats eyes are clean and free from any ‘sleepy dust’.
  4. Ensure your cats nose, mouth and chin are free from food debris.
  5. Check your cats bottom is also clean.

Brush your cat with a grooming glove to remove any hair they are shedding, this also promotes a nice glossy sheen. Of course this is the favourite part of show preparation as far as your cat is concerned!

As a Siamese cat is a shorthair grooming and show preparation is pretty easy and not very time consuming at all. All the more reason to make sure you do it! You should always remember when showing your cat you are actually entering a beauty contest for cats so please remember to groom your cat!

Please note that the information above is published as a guide only and when showing your cat you should confirm the information is correct by consulting the current rules that apply for each of the three organisations mentioned above. G.C.C.F, T.I.C.A and F.B.

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