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Siamese Colour Chart

By Ross | Cat Breeding

Breed Number / Siamese Colour Chart

Our handy Siamese breed number / Siamese colour chart is a fantastic aid to new breeders who are still coming to terms with the G.C.C.F Siamese breed numbers! (since this article was published the breed numbering system has changed again!)

Perhaps you are having trouble finding the breed numbers for your litter of kittens when it comes to completing the registration forms. Or you are looking at pedigrees and are unsure of a cats breed number? This Siamese breed number guide is invaluable for both these tasks and more..

Siamese Colour Guide – Understanding Colour Dominance

This clever little colour chart breaks them down into solid points, tabby points, tortie points and tortie tabby points. It also divides the colours into dense, dilute and modified dilute which may help you when trying to understand colour dominance.

Please feel free to download this handy Breed Number / Siamese Colour Chart

Siamese Colour Chart

Siamese Cat Colour Chart

This Siamese colour chart was provided to Siamese Cat Breeder by Liz Basham of LaBash Siamese. We are very grateful to Liz for allowing us to use her Siamese colour chart.

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