by Miriam Westendarp

I have been breeding Siamese for over 30 years and am an inspected and accredited breeder with the GCCF.  My cats are house pets and their kittens are reared in a specially designed birthing and play area, where they are in constant interaction with me and their wider cat family....

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by Janice Keightley

Hi my name is Jan Keightley and I am a breeder of Siamese and Orientals living in Paignton, Devon.   I have been breeding for many, many years and my prefix is registered with the GCCF.  I pride myself that our kittens are well socialised and are used to the usual...

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by Ross Davies

Gr Ch Tzu Mad Obsession Bruno is our seal point Siamese boy and is available at stud to tested and approved girls. He is a huge friendly boy with a soppy temperament which he passes on to his kittens. Bruno carries chocolate and dilute. Bruno is primarily for our own...

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by Paula Hargan

Our names are Paula and Lesley. Our Prefix is Whalleybush which we first acquired in 1975. Our passion for Siamese cats has just grown stronger over the years. We love to show our cats at GCCF shows, all our babies are part of our family and very much beloved pets...

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by Paula Hargan

GCCF Active registered Our red point boy is genetically tested negative for the following Gangliosidosis GM1 - N/N Mucopolysaccharidosis Type VI (MPS VI MPS6) - N/N Primary Congenital Glaucoma (PCG) - N/N rdAc-PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy ) - N/N will be available for limited time. GCCF/TICA registered active girls only which...

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by Ross Davies

My name is Ross and I am a breeder of Oriental and Siamese cats and kittens based in Fareham, Hampshire. My cattery name is registered with the GCCF so all my kittens will carry my GCCF registered prefix Burnthwaites. My aim as a cat breeder is to breed cats and...

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by Yvonne Sibley

Hello my name is Yvonne Sibley, and my beautiful Siamese cats and I live in the charming coastal town of Emsworth in Hampshire. I have admired this fabulous breed ever since I can remember, but I didn’t own my first one until 2005 when I was fortunate enough to purchase...

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by Sharon

Guilty is a lilac point Siamese boy who is well bred, fit and healthy, he conforms to GCCF standards with no withholding faults. PRA normal. Cinnamon carrier. A big boned boy to help add size and substance to your litters. He is a gentle loving boy available to suitable ladies...

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by Sharon

We are Sharon and Chris, hobby breeders of Siamese and Oriental cats and kittens. Based in the heart of Lancashire nestled in at the base of the Pennines, we have been breeding quality Siamese and Oriental kittens for approximately 15 years and held our GCCF prefix since 2012 We have...

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