If you have never experienced cats in season then it is difficult to judge the signs. Knowing when your cats in heat is very important if you want to breed cats! After all you need to know when your cat is in season to know when to take her to a stud cat.

Cats in season
Cats in Season

This useful article has been kindly provided by Kate Burrows of Kaypez Siamese and may prove invaluable to novice breeders when trying to decide when their girl is ready to take out to a stud boy. Many thanks to Kate for her contributions and a special thanks must go to our young model Ch Kaypez Dreamcome Blue who nobody could accuse of being shy!

The Signs of Cats in Season

A Queen is the name given to a female breeding cat. Calling or being in call is the way that breeders refer to the female reproductive cycle or season. Most females will have their first call between 6 and 12 months of age. Some girls may start calling at as young as 4 months. There is a huge variation in calling between individual girls. For example I have 2 breeding Queens and one of them calls every 2 weeks and the other calls once per year. If you are breeding from your queen it is wise to keep a record of their calls and when your cats in heat. So how do you know if your cats in heat? It is hard to know without experience but one you have seen or heard it you will be sure next time as it is unmistakable.

Now you have heard for yourself what a cat in season sounds like it would also be useful to see some photos of some of the fruity behaviour you will see when your cats in season.

To start with your Queen will change her personality, she will become very friendly sometimes over friendly. She will roll about on the floor and clean her vulva constantly. Next she will begin to rub up against things and scent mark with her face a lot. Next she will begin to rub up against things and scent mark with her face a lot. Next she will begin to rub up against things and scent mark with her face a lot.  She will roll about on the floor and clean her vulva constantly. She may ‘present herself’ but sticking her rear end upwards and moving her tail over to one side. Sometimes they paddle with their back feet at the same time (moving them up and down).

Your Queen will also call. This is a very long deep meow. Sometimes it can sound as though the cat is in pain but rest assured this is not the case. She will wonder around looking and calling for a mate.

If you have other cats present in the home she may behave differently towards them. They may also behave differently towards her, some neuter boys may even attempt to mate with a calling female even though it would never produce any kittens. It is wise to separate neuter boys on the call if you are planning to take your female to stud so that only the stud mates with her.

About the author

Ross Davies

Ross is a UK Siamese & Oriental Cat Breeder breeding and showing his cats and kittens under the prefix Burnthwaites . He is the author on various cat related websites and blogs including 'Siamese Cat Breeder' and 'CattyLicious.com'.

Ross is the creator of this website and has lived with cats since being a very young child. He started breeding cats in 2001 and has showed them successfully breeding many best in show cats.

Ross is a GCCF cat judge and also sits on cat club committees and both the Oriental and Siamese Cat Joint Advisory Committees. He holds certification in both feline behaviour & psychology and also cat anxiety and stress.

Ross writes extensively about cats and has been featured in magazines such as Your Cat and Our Cats and also guest authored on newsletters for various cat organisations. He is also a guest speaker at cat seminars.


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