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Choosing the Right Breed of Cat

By Tina Mullineaux | Owners Advice

choosing the right breed of cat

Which Breed of Cat is Right For You

Choosing the right breed of cat is so important when looking for a cat to join your family. So once you have decided that the time is right, your circumstances and finances allow for it and you are quite excited about the thought of bringing a new pedigree cat into your family. But how do you know which breed of cat you should go for? Does it really matter which type of cat you choose and will any breed fit into your lifestyle? It really pays to think carefully about these questions because your new cat can live for potential 15 – 20 years! If all of this consideration has left you with a big question mark hanging over your head then read on!

Choosing the Right Breed of Cat is not Just About Looks

breeds of catLike in any relationship, looks are good but they aren’t going to keep you together for long! Nowadays cats come in all shapes and sizes; there are many colours and patterns to choose from and a huge array of coat types to pick. But with the different breeds of cats come different personalities. Of course, every cat is an individual and a lot of a kittens’ personality is going to be shaped by the way that he or she has been brought up. However, much is down to genetics and the different breeds have different traits and characteristics that are generally predetermined.

For instance; many of the foreign breeds, particularly Siamese, have very strong personalities and can be very ‘in-your-face’. This breed of cat is well known for it’s very loud and almost ‘baby-crying’ like call. Some people find this never-ending ‘chattering’ very endearing. Others, on the other hand, find it down right annoying!

So before you even begin to consider what breed of cat you think you would like to bring into your family, you need to ask yourself the following:

  • How much time do I have to give to my new pedigree cat?
  • Do I expect my cat to spend time outdoors?
  • Will my new cat get on with my existing pets?
  • Do I want my new addition to be an only-cat? Or do I want a pair?

Questions such as these are very important in determining the correct breed for you. Take for example the first question. This is extremely important to consider as different breeds have different needs. From a purely practical standpoint, some of the long-hair breeds, let’s say a Persian, need a considerable amount of time spending on grooming if you are going to keep their coat in the best condition and free of matting. A shorthaired cat is going to need much less time devoted to grooming but some breeds are very demanding and are going to need much more of your time than a more laid back cat.

Once you have asked yourself questions like these you can then begin to research the different breeds and there characteristics. There is a wealth of information available on the internet and many popular advertising websites include a breed profile for your information. An excellent way to get to know what a breed is like is to spend time with different breeds, although this is not always possible. If you are fortunate enough to have friends who have an interest in cats and have pedigree cats of their own then take the time out to ask them questions and spend time with their cats. Another excellent way to find out about a breed is to visit a local cat show. The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy’s website has a list of shows that are going on and there you can meet the breeds and their breeders and get a feel for what these cats are really like.

It’s Not All About Looks But ……

choosing pet catsOf course, at the end of the day, you are going to want to choose a cat that you like to look at! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder as they say. There are so many different types of cat to choose from that the mind boggles!

If you would like a cat that has that ‘wild’ look about it then you may choose a cat such as the graceful Abyssinian or the imposing Bengal. If it’s a great, big fluffy cat that tickles your fancy then you might fall in love with the gentle giants of the Maine Coon family or you might be take by the unique look of the Persians. If its long, slinky and striking that you’re after then an Oriental cat might fit the bill. Be it hairless or tail-less, slender or chunky, the cat world has it covered.

Don’t be in any rush to make your decision. Take your time and consider your options. The right cat is bound to be out there for you. You never know, after all this decision making, your perfect cat might just choose you!

About the Author

Tina is Siamese and Oriental cat breeder and regular contributor to Siamese Cat Breeder. Breeding and showing her cats and kittens under the prefix Mullsi, Tina can often be found at Cat Shows.

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