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A Show Managers Plea

By Ross | Cat Shows

A wonderful article by cat show manager, Mrs Joan Pounds which gives an incite into what goes on behind the scenes of a cat show. Joan is an active member of the cat fancy and in addition to being a show manager is also a newly qualified judge, a seasoned exhibitor and a successful breeder […]

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Stewarding at a Cat Show

By Tina Mullineaux | Cat Shows

Stewarding at a cat show is a great hobby and is a fantastic way to meet other breeders and exhibitors. I have really enjoyed showing my cats and have met a lot of friends there along the way. A lot of work goes into the running a cat show and I decided that I would like […]

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Showing Your Cat

By Kate Burrows | Cat Shows

Showing your cat is something you may want to do at some point. It can be an excellent hobby and a great way to meet people that share your passion for cats. Going to cat shows is something that is recommended for anyone who wants to breed cats. How can you breed cats to the […]

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