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Stop Cats Scratching Furniture

By Ross | Behaviour & Training

Learning how to stop cats scratching furniture and carpets is something every cat owner will probably have to face at some point. Find out why cats scratch furniture and how to control this antisocial behaviour. Why Do Cats Scratch Furniture One of the most pressing problems while taking care of а cat at home is […]

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Building a Cat Run

By Joanne Law | Cat Breeding

My Experience of Building a Cat Run Living with cats, I know the long standing debate; indoor or outdoor?  Whilst my cats are indoor, I wanted to give them the freedom to enjoy the outdoors as well.  Therefore creating a safe cat run become an essential part of my home and garden.  Once the decision […]

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Cat Food Bowls

By Tina Mullineaux | General Care & Husbandry

Choosing and cleaning your cats food bowls. It might seem an unusual subject to be discussing, but your cat’s food bowl can make him ill if it is not cleaned properly or often enough! Dirty dishes attract flies; flies can carry bacteria and parasites and these can make your cat ill. Even if you know […]

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