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Siamese Colour Chart

By Ross | Cat Breeding

Breed Number / Siamese Colour Chart Our handy Siamese breed number / Siamese colour chart is a fantastic aid to new breeders who are still coming to terms with the G.C.C.F Siamese breed numbers! (since this article was published the breed numbering system has changed again!) Perhaps you are having trouble finding the breed numbers […]

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Flea Treatments for Cats and Home

By Ross | Health

Flea treatments for cats and home are essential if you want to keep healthy pets and want to avoid your home being invested by fleas! Fleas are external parasites that live by sucking the blood of their hosts. There are several different types of flea, with the most common globally being the cat flea, Ctenocephalides […]

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Feline Oral Hygiene – 5 Step Plan

By Sheila Calloway | Health

Feline Oral Hygiene – 5 Step Plan is the fifth and final article in a series specially researched and written for Siamese Cat Breeder relating to dental care and oral hygiene for cats by Sheila Calloway RVN. Sheila is a qualified veterinary nurse and has over 30 years experience working with and keeping pets. Many […]

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Tube Feeding Kittens

By Kate Burrows | Cat Breeding

At some point nearly every breeder will have to face hand feeding or tube feeding kittens. Sometimes disastr strikes and mum is unable to feed her kittens and this is where a breeder has to step in and hand feed the kittens. Tube Feeding Kittens as a Last Resort The first point I would like […]

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Choosing a Cat Sitter

By Ross | Owners Advice

A guide to choosing a cat sitter to look after your cat in the comfort of your cats own home. Avoid the guilt of sending your cat to a cattery whilst you go on holiday. Guide to Choosing a Cat Sitter You’ve been planning your dream holiday for years, but there’s one vital question that […]

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